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Spirit Animal By Birthday, And Mystical Abilities

Today we will tell you how each day of the week is associated with one Spiritual animal and what this can mean for each of you.  Each of us, depending on the birthday, is granted grace and talents. We are also directly influenced by the day of the week on which we were born.

Today, not everyone can know what day of the week he was born, but this can be found using a Google search or any other. Just enter this query: 1988 calendar. And you will be presented with a calendar image where you can easily find your birthday and day of the week.

spirit animal

The spiritual animal has its purpose, it controls one of the days of the week. Each of us has our spirit animal, just like the totem animal we talked about earlier.

Where did the concept of spirit animals and days of the week come from? Even in ancient times, there were concepts about the planets and their magical properties and influences. As we all know, there are 8 planets in total in the solar system, but before mankind knew about the existence of only six planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, the rest were discovered later.

As a result, based on existing knowledge and ideas, they created a 7-day regimen, each day of which was subordinate to one of the five planets, the Sun and the Moon.

Mon. – Day of the Moon (Artemis)
Tue. – day of Mars (Ares )
Wed. – the day of Mercury (Hermes)
Thu. – day of Jupiter (Zeus)

Fri. – the day of Venus (Aphrodite)
Sat. – day of Saturn (Cronus)
Sun. – day of the Sun (Apollo)

Therefore, every day is saturated with the power of the Planet, which, of course, is associated with a major deity. Each of these days of the week is ruled by one of the five planets, the Sun or the Moon. Finding out which of the seven days of the week you were born on can open up new possibilities for you. Find out how it affects you!

Spirit animal by birthday:

Monday – Deer

Deer is an animal that is sacred to the goddess Artemis. It keeps the secret of the world and the great wisdom of the forest kingdom. This animal affects intuition, helps development, and also sets a person to achieve goals and gives self-confidence.

The deer is famous for its beauty and pride, it enchants and is surrounded by a bright and pure aura. A person born on Monday is endowed with all the positive qualities of his spiritual animal. He can get what he wants if he wants it. But, the main thing is not to forget that the Deer is a noble animal, correspond to it and everything in your life will turn out in the best way.

Mystical features of the Deer: gracefulness, clarity of instincts, good intuition, adventurism, and aspiration, prefer safety in everything

Tuesday – Wolf

This animal is sacred to the god Ares and corresponds to the planet Mars. The wolf is a warrior, he is brave, like the god of warriors Ares. The one who was born on Tuesday is endowed with courage and strength. Also, your spirit animal can help you in difficult times, it tells you the right decisions when your head is in complete chaos. It helps to get rid of fears and protects from dangers.

Mystical features:  courage, high spirituality, strength, security, true love, faith in the family, independence.

Wednesday – Hare

The hare is a sacred animal of Hermes, Mercury also has its influence on this day of the week. Most people do not see anything outstanding and unusual in this simple animal, but those who believe in mystical powers think completely differently. It is this animal that participates in many occult rituals and is recognized as sacred.

We know from history that the ancient Greek god Hermes is the god of luck, successful trading, cunning, and eloquence. It is these qualities that Hermes endows you with; but the hare is distinguished by its speed, excellent reflexes, fertility, and calls for caution.

If you were born on Wednesday, then the Universe generously endows you with creative talents, as well as magical or mystical skills. They need to be developed if you want to succeed in this field. Also, your spirit animal can give you material well-being if you are aware of your talents.

Mystical features:  caution and attention to detail, high creativity, desire for prosperity, special abilities, intensive development.

Thursday – Eagle

Zeus has his special spiritual animal (bird) representing holiness – this is the Eagle. He received preference from Zeus not in vain because this bird can soar high into the sky, which animals of other gods cannot boast of. The eagle is bold, proud, and impregnable. He has sharp eyesight and a lively mind.

The eagle is not afraid of danger and is ready to fight for an important goal. What is not of particular importance to him does not attract his attention. It turns out that those born on Thursday are people endowed with high intelligence, and strength, who know their worth.

The eagle can help you in life by directing you on the right path and helping you to see what others cannot do. You more often than others have important information that can be very useful to you. Use it wisely. You also have a predisposition to magic, but most likely you do not want to develop it.

Mystical Traits: Providence, ambition, high intelligence, self-confidence, inflexibility, poise, and spiritual strength.

Friday – Dove

The dove is a bird of peace and hope if it is white, but in general, this bird is sacred to Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. Friday is also ruled by the planet Venus, which personifies femininity and love harmony, happy relationships, and marriage.

Based on the above, if you were born on Friday, then this predicts true love in your life, and perhaps even more than one. There is peace in your soul and you want to love and be loved. Pigeons have been considered clean and positive energy since ancient times. They can innovate and improve on a spiritual level, so this applies to you as well. The dove helps you cope with problems on a psychological level, realize them, and find a solution.

If you feel in yourself special powers or mystical abilities, then try to use them for the benefit of yourself and others. Love yourself, because Venus gives you this wonderful feeling, not only for you to give it to others.

Mystical features:  purity of mind, spirituality, love at its best, peace of mind, positive thinking, regeneration, and physical superiority.

Saturday – Snake

A snake is not an animal, it belongs to the order of reptiles. She is cold-blooded and flexible. The snake is associated with wisdom and medicine, and it is sacred to God Kronos (Chronos). Kronos is a titan, the supreme god of agriculture and time, as well as the son of the sky god.

The snake is the keeper of secrets and the bearer of wisdom. If you were born on this day, you are endowed with all this. There is something special and mystical about you. Deep in your subconscious, you have a lot of mysterious knowledge hidden, but far from everyone is given to open them. Engage in self-knowledge and perhaps you will be able to unravel many inner secrets.

You were created to help people and heal them, to calm and give clarity of mind, and to psychologically guide people to healing. You also have good intuition, listen to it more often.

Mystical features: the ability to heal, healing, psychoanalysis, magical powers, the destruction of fear, and high intuitiveness.

Sunday – Dolphin

Apollo has his special animal, which is considered sacred – this is the Dolphin. Dolphin is a mammal that has a special intelligence. Dolphins endow those born on Sunday with optimism and creative talents, kindness, and intelligence. All these abilities are revealed in completely different percentages, but they can be developed.

Apollo is the sun god. He was the favorite of Zeus, who was revered by people and envied by the gods. He was fair and did not tolerate boasting. These traits are, to some extent, transmitted to those who were born on Sunday. According to legend, he turned into a dolphin, which is why dolphins began to symbolize kindness and special knowledge about the unknown. They are bright and impressive.

The dolphin, being your spirit animal, can help you build relationships and useful connections, and get rid of shyness and self-doubt. He attracts people to you, you attract with your positivity and charisma.

Mystical traits: sociability, charm, intellect,  intelligence, secret knowledge, pure magic, predicting the future, self-sacrifice.

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