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Today’s Horoscope 28th August 2023


Before the evening comes, Aries is better at dealing with professional, organizational, or bureaucratic issues, paying special attention to the residual problems of the past. At the end of the day, there will be a chance to take a step into the future. Attention may shift from official work to hobbies. It is advisable to choose a partner or team style of action at the end of the day, to work for the benefit of a group of people.


In the morning and afternoon, Taurus can follow their beliefs, restore useful knowledge or connections, and communicate freely with friends. If there are no urgent matters and topics for communication have been exhausted, a short rest will not be superfluous. In the evening, a new turn of events will remind you of professional, friendly, or other duties, adding purposefulness and food for emotions. There may be a new field of work or a new assistant.


In the morning, Gemini will have to keep the focus on practical matters. They may be interested in housing, finance, health, career, or security topics. There will be time to test suspicions. Evening will help to change the situation and get rid of obsessive thoughts. Many Gemini will be able to switch to personal life, to active pleasures, or to work with a share of creativity. A little warm-up will be helpful.


Stars tell Cancers that a new turn of circumstances is fraught for them with an aggravation of domestic, marital, or business disagreements. To avoid them, it is advisable today to begin to behave more prudently and diplomatically, for example, to take into account the possible unfriendly atmosphere around, someone else’s rancor or vulnerability. In the evening, it is good to sacrifice your plans for the sake of group work.


In the first half of this day, the stars advise Leo to engage in a routine and be more meticulous in it: perhaps hidden pockets of old problems will be discovered that are harmful to well-being, successful business, or a comfortable life. Cleaning may be required. In the middle of the day, a short rest will not be superfluous: it will help relieve tension and in the evening get involved in joint activities, especially informal ones.


In the first half of this day, events are going on a knurled track for most Virgos and quite successfully. Many Virgos will choose paths, values, ​​and connections familiar to them from the past – and will not lose. New initiatives may be called into question as the current situation calls for a change in course of action. In which direction it is necessary to move in the foreseeable time, evening events will prompt.


The main part of this day may not be too comfortable for Libra. Many Libras will face physical ailments, negative emotions, business misfires, and domestic troubles. The stars advise not to despair and postpone all events for the evening: at the end of the day, energy will suddenly appear, and you will be able to show your initiative or deftly respond to someone else’s. September Libra will be especially energetic.


Until evening, Scorpios can rely on friends or their instincts. This is a time of waiting or anticipation. You can spend time ending the conversation, thinking about perspectives, and taking a short break. The evening hours may not be so calm, but a new impulse is likely, a signal to start. Dependence on arrangements, partners, assistants, or circumstances may increase.


Today, the stars advise Sagittarius to postpone all active undertakings and informal activities for the evening (especially when it comes to partner or teamwork, a common hobby, or a joint action). Before evening, it is advisable to deal with routine matters, including material ones, and try not to miss critical moments in them, for example, do not turn a blind eye to existing overdue debts.


Today, the success of Capricorns is questionable due to increased vulnerability. Until the evening, there is a high probability of despondency or exacerbation of chronic ailments. In the first half of the day, it is important to comprehend the information received and isolate the positive useful part of it: this will add vigor. In the evening, it may be necessary to become more entrepreneurial, join a targeted partnership, or open a new business.


Today, the stars recommend that Aquarius move all active activities to the evening. For them to have more strength, it is advisable to spend the main part of the day in solitude or calm mode. It is advisable not to indulge in negative obsessive thoughts, and not to find yourself in a place where your mood can deteriorate or your ailment worsens: this will not increase the resource needed for evening activity, but deplete it.


Today it is important for Pisces to be realistic, but not pessimistic, looking to the future. The stars are advised to avoid negative memories and forebodings, otherwise, the prospect will seem unreasonably gloomy: the prediction now is not a sentence, and any agreements are preliminary, not rigid. It is useful for fish with a sufficient supply of energy and health to take part in a collective business in the evening.

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