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5 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Great Day


Go where the wind blows, Capricorn. This is Wednesday’s whimsical message of the day. It gently invites you to let go of routines and strict schedules for at least a little while and allow your soul to rest peacefully. When they say “smell the roses,” they’re not talking about roses. Do what brings joy to your heart and you will experience the ripple effect later. You’re also encouraged to set better boundaries if people tend to burden you with more responsibilities than others. Just because you’re dependable doesn’t mean you don’t have your interests and needs.


Leo, your path is paved with gold. This is your cosmic gift for this phase of life. So have confidence in yourself and your abilities, and shine as bright as possible. There is nothing to be afraid of! You are also encouraged to trust your intuition and sixth sense at this time. This is one of the strange aftereffects of Pluto retrograde, but it makes it easier for us to recognize the warning signs and read between the lines what hasn’t been said.


Aquarius, you are in for a treat on Wednesday! If you rely on your leadership abilities, you will succeed and may even seize a good opportunity. However, now is not the time to question yourself. Self-sabotage will make you give up your blessings because you are afraid of being exposed as an impostor. You are not an impostor. You are also encouraged to take time to take care of yourself that day and do exactly what you want. Letting go is sometimes important so that your soul can be spontaneous when needed. Adventures await you!


Taurus, you have cosmic forces at your fingertips on Wednesday. We’re firmly in the new moon cycle following the May 7 New Moon in Taurus, so use this gift to bring your desires to life. Just make sure you focus on what you want and not something you’ve been led to want because of your peers. You are also encouraged to stargaze and let your natural curiosity take hold of you. If you have a telescope or have access to one, even better!


Sagittarius, you have magic at your fingertips! Let your heart speak to you and channel those desires to bring what you want to live. You can do anything you want, so make sure you have full confidence! Oddly, some of you will benefit from learning more about the myths surrounding angels. Whether they come from Christian theology or other mythic traditions of the world, the stories will trigger important ideas in your mind. This will help you in the next phase of your life.

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