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Stirring Love Drama Awaits These Zodiac Signs In March

In March, heartbreak is inevitable for five zodiac signs. If you take a look at the stars and evaluate their constellations, it quickly becomes clear: Some people have to be particularly prepared for romantic drama. You can read about who this affects and what this excitement could mean here.


Libra-born people don’t feel properly understood by their partner in March, which causes frustration. The power of the moon could also worsen this grumpy mood if it causes one or two misunderstandings. At least: With a discussion, you can bring some calm back into the situation and can tone down the love dramas.


Pisces-born people are pretty confused when it comes to their emotions in March. Love planet Venus creates a very mixed mood full of fluctuations. These ensure that there is a crisis between romantic partners. The topic of expectations and disappointments plays a particularly important role here. It is therefore important to ensure clarity and convey to the other person what is important to you.


Leo natives could find themselves in quite a bit of trouble in March if the stars and their tendencies are anything to go by. If things haven’t been going well in a relationship for a while, it’s not uncommon for the zodiac sign that’s longing for attention to put out feelers, and that will bear fruit. Be careful, there is an enormous risk of injury here – on both sides!


Aquarius-born people simply can’t decide! And not everyone does that. This volatility that the zodiac sign shows in March causes confusion and a stink. The result: relationships are questioned and the outcome is uncertain…


Gemini-born people have a pretty good run in March when it comes to love matters. Until the past suddenly announces itself. Oh oh! A person who was once important to the zodiac sign comes back into the life of the air sign. Love drama is almost inevitable.

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