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How Arrogant Are You According To Your Zodiac Sign?

How arrogant you are, according to your zodiac sign. For the integrity of the picture, we will evaluate the degree of the arrogance of the signs of the Zodiac according to a 10-point system. How often do you have to deal with arrogance? Sometimes a new interesting acquaintance brings complete disappointment when, after a couple of phrases, it turns out that your interlocutor is an arrogant, arrogant, and dismissive person about others. Indeed, it is problematic to achieve even normal communication with such a person, not to mention friendship and relationships.

Or maybe you have a share of arrogance? After all, we are accustomed to seeing a mote in someone else’s eye, but on our own, we do not even notice a log! Let’s see how arrogant and disrespectful we are to others. This is best done through the influence of the planets, and therefore, with the help of a horoscope.

How arrogant are you, according to your zodiac sign:

Aries (degree of arrogance – 3 points)

A representative of this sign can hardly be accused of arrogance. This person can be tough, straightforward, and even rude, but not arrogant. Aries easily converge with people, without making much effort to please or gain confidence. Those around them feel the power of the ward of Mars and strive to contact him, seeing in Aries a protector, a “ram” capable of leading any company to victory, and just a good, sincere person. Life shows that the representative of this sign treats other people the way they treat Aries.

Taurus (degree of arrogance – 7 points)

Wards of Venus try not to show this to others, but inside they are very arrogant. Taurus considers himself a practitioner who has tried everything in this life and therefore considers himself an undeniable expert in any matter. It is impossible to argue with this person because Taurus does not want to listen to arguments. In addition, this person does not care about the problems of others. Without his benefit, the ward of Venus is unlikely to come to your aid, and all because there is even more self-interest in this person than arrogance.

Gemini (degree of arrogance – 4 points)

Gemini cannot be called an arrogant personality. These are contact and rather good-natured people who prefer simple, unobtrusive communication without sticking out their own “I”. True, when, by the will of fate, Gemini takes a leadership position or wins a large amount in the lottery, he can become a little arrogant. But it is, rather, an image, a desire to fool around and try on another image. A slight hint of close people and Gemini again becomes the same and good-natured person, who has no desire to rise above others.

Cancer (degree of arrogance 2 points)

Cancer is the last of the zodiac galaxy who can be called arrogant. This is a good-natured person, in whose heart there is no arrogance as such. Representatives of this sign would dream of living in a world where all people are equal, but they understand that this is impossible, and they are very offended when arrogant and unscrupulous personalities interfere in their lives and injure the psyche of Cancers. At the same time, the touchiness of these people is developed to incredible proportions, and most often the children of the Moon are offended precisely by those who treat them with disdain.

Leo (degree of arrogance – 10 points)

The most arrogant personalities are born under the sign of Leo. Although these people do not always show their true colors, in their souls they are pronounced egoists who consider themselves the centers of the Universe, around which everyone else should revolve. After talking with Leo, you will notice that this person is an egoist to the marrow of his bones. He agrees only to the best, and at the same time, Leo is not at all interested in what you will get and what you think about it. By the way, the habits of this person and his manner of communication make it clear that you are in front of a royal person who requires special treatment.

Virgo (degree of arrogance – 6 points)

Virgo personalities also excel in arrogance, although they are far from Leo. These people are pronounced idealists who consider themselves smarter, more precise, more restrained, more punctual, and more accurate than everyone around. They consider themselves perfect and therefore treat others with noticeable disdain. True, people who know Virgo well, over time, simply stop perceiving this person and do not pay attention to his vanity. Ignoring is the best “cure” for such arrogant individuals. When they are no longer perceived, they understand their mistakes and become better.

Libra (degree of arrogance – 3 points)

Libras are humanists, philanthropists, and altruists. These people cannot be suspected of arrogance, because they are practically the only representatives of the human race who dream of living in a society where there are no wars, where all people are equal, respect and love each other. Personalities of this sign try to moderate their pride and give in to another person so as not to provoke a conflict.

The only case when you can observe the arrogance of this person is a strong offense in which Libra’s pride suffered. In this state, the ward of Venus begins to despise the guilty person, but only him and for a specific offense.

Scorpio (degree of arrogance – 7 points)

Scorpios consider themselves better, smarter, and more cunning than others. But natural prudence does not allow them to put their feelings on public display. Scorpios respect only those people who are stronger, richer, and more successful than themselves. Those who are weaker and poorer, the wards of the harsh Mars simply do not perceive them as individuals, treating them with a degree of disdain. For these people, the main criterion is profit. If a person can benefit Scorpio, the representative of this sign will treat him with respect, and if not, he will behave with him arrogantly. In general, Scorpions have more than enough hypocrisy.

Sagittarius (degree of arrogance – 6 points)

Everyone knows that Sagittarius are famous truth-tellers who will never tolerate the obscene behavior of other people. True, Sagittarians themselves, at times, do not behave too correctly, especially in the process of communication. These people are talkative, but even worse, during communication, they strive to interrupt their interlocutor, they try to draw attention to their person, completely without thinking about how it looks from the outside. This behavior indicates that Sagittarians consider themselves smarter than others and neglect the feelings of others for the sake of attention to their person.

Capricorn (degree of arrogance – 8 points)

Capricorns are secretive individuals who behave quite courteously in communication. However, watching these people in various life situations, especially during the competition for a leadership position, the neglect and condescension with which Capricorns treat their rivals and work colleagues becomes noticeable. But, which is typical, the wards of Saturn treat everyone, even strong personalities, with a share of arrogance. And this fact deprives Capricorns of the opportunity to ask for help from others, significantly weakening them in their struggle for leadership positions.

Aquarius (degree of arrogance – 9 points)

Everyone knows how arrogant Aquarius can be. This person is a pronounced individualist who spits on the opinion of the majority, considering the crowd as a herd, and himself as a person. Aquarius goes his way and chooses as satellites only those people who can interest him with their non-standard outlook on life, their charisma, and extraordinary thinking.

Aquarius simply does not perceive all others, considering them below themselves and uninteresting for communication. By the way, that is why the attitude of others towards Aquarius leaves much to be desired.

Pisces (degree of arrogance – 4 points)

Pisces cannot be called people who “turn up their noses” in front of others. Representatives of this sign are slightly insecure personalities, which simply does not allow them to consider themselves superior to others and demonstrate it to others. Pisces are generally peaceful individuals who are drawn to people and value friendship.

But if they show their disdain and try to look down on Pisces, Neptune’s wards simply cut off all communication with them, starting to feel real contempt for such people. You can say anything, but the pride of this person is not recommended for anyone to hurt.

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