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Tarot Forecast For All Signs Of The Zodiac For The Week From August 15 To 21

Aries – Chariot

You, most likely, will have a very dynamic week, a lot of trips and movements. The development of new spaces and in general all kinds of movement. The main thing is to firmly steer all processes and not slow down, movement is life, and new paths in every sense are waiting for you.

Taurus – Hierophant

Devote this week to increasing wisdom – read smart books, think about what you would like to learn how to improve your skills and knowledge, if you are inclined – go to the temple or do spiritual practices, strive for the company of older and wise people, talk less and listen more, what they say.

Gemini – Moon

These days, be careful with water in all its manifestations – if you swim on the last warm days, don’t swim far, don’t drink a lot at friendly gatherings, especially since the Moon warns of the dangers of intoxication, and can simply get poisoned or trust the wrong people. Pay attention to dreams, but remember them during the day, with a clear mind.

Cancer – 6 cups

In these, the appearance of old friends or even your first love is possible. Just do not take nostalgia for the return of the past – what was, was, remember, smile, look through old photo albums – but live in the present. Although old friends can sometimes come to the rescue or give important advice at the right time.

Leo – Lady of swords

These days, be strict and precise. Emotions aside, set clear goals for yourself and the rest, clear plans, and demand that everything be done on time and exactly as you said. It’s okay if they say about you that you are a bitch – you are just a woman without weaknesses, next to you is not easy, but reliable.

Virgo – Page of Swords

And you look, do not overdo it yourself in your distrust and suspicion, in the desire to know everything about everyone and use the information for your benefit – no matter how it turns against you. Don’t gossip, don’t gossip, don’t turn people against each other, you’ll get hurt when it comes out.

Libra – King of Wands

You are the source of light for your world these days. Someone is warming by your fire, for someone, you are a guiding light, for everyone, you are a good friend and adviser. And it’s time for you to make friends, sincerely open your soul, help and accept help completely disinterestedly.

Scorpio – 4 of Wands

Everything is quite well with you now, so rejoice in this, because you have tried a lot to achieve this position. Take a break. Arrange a small holiday, go out of town with friends for a picnic. There are new paths and goals ahead, but now you can relax a bit.

Sagittarius – Justice

These days, balance in everything, accuracy, and balance in any area of ​​life are especially important. So put everything in order – and affairs, relationships, and documents, and then you will be ready for any fluctuations in life. Do justice, according to the law, according to the rules, judge by real facts, and write everything down in duplicate.

Capricorn – 6 swords

And it’s time for you to get ready for the journey, to new shores, for new knowledge, for meeting new people who will teach you something new; where you are now, you already know everything, everything is familiar and becomes familiar and boring, there is nothing more to catch and nowhere to grow. So grab what you need and go.

Aquarius – Death

When something leaves, it means that the time has come for it to make room and space for something new and interesting, so you should not stretch and artificially support what has become obsolete. Although it is a pity and pain, let go and do not interfere with the birth of a new one, and what does not kill us, we would rather kill ourselves)))).

Pisces – 9 cups

These days you are all in anticipation of joys, pleasant meetings, and some interesting events. Just note that the expectation of joys is often more pleasant than they, and in general – it is not events or other people that please us, but purely our ability to rejoice. It is this, a positive look even at the little things, that makes life beautiful)

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