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Tarot Spread For Each Zodiac Sign For The Week From March 5th To March 11th

Tarot for Aries – Knight of Wands

This week you will have to speed up, mobilize all your inherent drive, and rush forward, taking others with you. What we need now is a bright leader, the one who carries the torch and shows the way, the one who sets the speed of movement and instills enthusiasm in his followers – and that’s you.

Tarot for Taurus – Judgment

These days, something fateful may happen, extremely significant for your future life, something that will determine not only your fate, but also the history of your family – you will learn some secrets, unearth information from the archives, receive important news from the outside, and then begin to build your life in new conditions.

Tarot for Gemini – Moon

And the weather is changeable, and there is fog and drizzle around, and your head is also somehow vague. These days you will not be sure of anything – neither in others, nor in yourself, nor the direction of further actions. There is some kind of confusion, everything is not as it seemed just recently, and the people around are somehow unclear in their intentions and relationships. Wait, soon everything will clear up and the sun will rise, and the lunar illusions will dissipate.

Tarot for Cancer – Ace of Swords

These days you will have to make some important and irrevocable decisions, so think about everything carefully and do not let your emotions, sentiments, etc. influence the decision. And when you weigh and evaluate everything, do it, don’t hesitate. Measure seven times, but then cut!

Tarot for Leo – Queen of Cups

These days you can allow yourself to give free rein to your emotions, react to everything with all spontaneity, laugh if you are happy, cry if you are upset, do not hold back the flow of your feelings – even the most fleeting ones, give yourself the freedom to express yourself, throw out everything that is inside.

Tarot for Virgo – 9 of Cups

Sometimes the anticipation of the holiday is more pleasant than the holiday itself – calling friends with an invitation, thinking about the table and your outfit; looking forward to an interesting trip – booking tickets and a hotel, drawing up a program… So these days you are all in anticipation of joys – they will come, but later.

Tarot for Libra – King of Cups

These days, there is a high probability for you to fall in love, even remotely, with an artist, simply with a charismatic person, even with a certain image. Such love does not bring grief, but only elevates your soul and mood, mobilizes you for the best, and makes you beautiful and sublime, so look around. And spring is very soon, it’s time to bloom)

Tarot for Scorpio – 6 of Cups

You may be overwhelmed by memories of the past – about first love, youthful friendship, about the beginning of your career. Maybe your experience will be useful to today’s young people, or you will want to meet old friends – and their experience will be valuable to you, or they will simply help you in some way now that you are all adults.

Tarot for Sagittarius – 5 of Swords

These days, try to humble your nature, which is accustomed to conflicts on any occasion, and do not get involved in a fight for the sake of fighting itself, otherwise, everyone will get it and you will get it – but why? The best battle is the one that doesn’t happen at all; winning at any cost can be very unprofitable in terms of trophies. So let others fight, and try not to interfere.

Tarot for Capricorn – Ace of Pentacles

This week, expect some kind of luck, and in the most material sense – either you will receive a bonus, or they will unexpectedly pay you back an old forgotten debt, or you will win the lottery. Or you’ll simply receive a lucrative offer – and don’t miss the chance!

Aquarius – Queen of Wands

These days you are a star, all your charm and charm unmistakably and flawlessly act on those around you, encouraging them to fulfill all your desires. And everyone just wonders – how do you do it? Magic, no less, and it’s true, it’s charm and charisma, and your ability to use them.

Tarot for Pisces – Lovers

This week, expect pleasant, sincere communication, and interesting proposals – not necessarily love ones, but in any case, pleasant and exciting. All communication these days will be pleasant, people open up to you – and you respond in kind.

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