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Tarot Spread For Each Zodiac Sign For The Week From September 12 To 18

Do you want to know what this week has in store for you?

Aries – 7 of Cups

This week you are all in dreams – but it would be nice if everything turned out the way you want, then you would do this and that… and everything would be so wonderful. It’s nice to dream, but it’s important to know exactly what can happen and what can’t, and not get confused so that when you fall from rosy heights, you don’t hit the real ground so hard that it hurts.

Taurus – King of Swords

These days you will probably have to communicate with someone who has power and loves order. This person is stern but fair; he cannot be moved to pity but can be convinced with reasonable arguments. And if he decides something, his word is strong. Just keep this in mind and the contact will work out.

Gemini – Knight of Pentacles

And you slow down and evaluate what you have at the moment – everything is quite good, the race for the best can be stopped for now. Stay where you are now and take advantage of the place and the moment, they are real and significant, You are in your place, and it’s good here.

Cancer — 10 of Pentacles

Everything has worked out for you and around you and everything is stable. Don’t fuss – this structure and your position in it are reliable and beneficial to everyone, including you. Therefore, calmly do what you are doing, and do not worry about the future for now – the system will take care of itself and you.

Leo – 5 of swords

Somehow, by itself, a conflict is brewing next to you. But its reasons do not concern you, try not to get involved in it, Otherwise, you will suffer for nothing, and then the culprits will not be found, but will go to everyone who did not have time to dodge. So it’s better to move away.

Virgo – 9 of Cups

The anticipation of future joys is sometimes more pleasant than these joys themselves, the preparation for the holiday is more interesting than the holiday itself. So you are all in anticipation and hope, in joyful excitement, you choose a dress and jewelry – it is so uplifting.

Libra – 3 of swords

And, alas, some disappointments await you, but don’t be too scared, they are sharp but minor, and everything can’t always be fine. The troubles of the current moment will go away with him but for now… Well, cry if it hurts, blow on your bruised finger, quarrel with the one who stepped on your skin, but this does not disrupt the general flow of life.

Scorpio – Moon

Everything around is vague, unclear, it is unclear who you can trust, whether your neighbors want the best for you, and even some vague, but unkind premonitions, and strange, confused dreams… Everything is confusing. Either I want to cry, or I want to drink. But don’t do anything like that, but stay on solid ground under your feet, all this will pass and soon the darkness will dissipate.

Sagittarius – Tower

Wow, heavenly thunder may strike you these days – the wrath of your superiors, a scandal at home, or you may suddenly fall in love and lose your head… Beware! Don’t be green, wear a seat belt while driving, stay away from tall trees and signs in strong winds – and generally follow safety measures as much as possible in everything.

Capricorn – 8 of Cups

And you are somehow stuck in a situation, stuck in a daily routine, it drags you in like a swamp. And it’s time to move on, The usual is not always the best, so think about it: Is the comfort zone your choice, or has just a temporary state become permanent because you relaxed and stopped noticing the inconveniences?

Aquarius – 2 of swords

Why are you still fighting with everyone – with those around you, with the world as a whole, with yourself? Try to declare a truce for everyone, let it just be quiet for a while, and listen – was there anything to fight about? Was it worth such pathos? Probably not, and the reasons are insignificant.

Pisces -7 of Pentacles

Well, you did everything you could, and everything that depended on you, now you just have to wait for your efforts to bear fruit. And it’s good if the result is worth the effort and money invested, but only time will tell. So be patient.

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