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Cat Talisman According To The Sign Of The Zodiac. How To Choose The Right Cat?

Pets always bring positive energy into the house. But how to choose the right cat according to your zodiac sign? This article will help you with this.

Cat Talisman according to the sign of the zodiac


A cat or a cat with a very active character and preferably a bright red color will suit you. Therefore, a purebred red kitten, especially if it is not long-haired, is your choice. The red color may be one of several colors, or it may be the only one. Red cats are believed to attract love, but not only they are happy.


Cats are better suited for domestic Taurus, not cats: they are larger and usually lazier. Look after yourself the most fluffy and preferably calm cutie. You can even choose a purebred longhaired ragamuffin, as long as you know how to care for him as needed. Yes, and by nature they are very peaceful and become members of the family.


Cat-talisman for Gemini: Even Gemini, who can find things to do without a cat, can bring happiness to the house if they get a four-legged pet. Of course, it is desirable to choose a short-haired cat, since it does not require such careful care. The Bombay cat may suit you, despite its beautiful glossy black coat. But keep in mind that she is as curious as you are!


Of course, for cute Cancers, so attached to the hearth, only the most domestic of all felines will do. Therefore, Persian cats and cats are your choice.

For a little lazy and not loving to care for wool, exotics, just bred from the Persian breed, are suitable. You can have any color and breed because all cats are associated with home.


The most capricious and striving for uniqueness, such as representatives of the Leo Sign, will suit the most exotic breeds, for example, the Canadian Sphynx or fluffy and large May Coons. Both of these breeds require the attention of their owner.  Any kitten with a red or golden-sand color will also suit you.


Mascot cat for Virgo: Scottish fold cats are suitable for representatives of this Sign. In some ways, they are similar in character to the Devs themselves, since they are problem-free and independent. It is important that they get along well with children and that they do not have too long hair. An ordinary four-colored cat is also suitable for you.


The perfect match for the Libra character is the Russian Blue. They are both aristocratic and beautiful and always make contact with a person, and most importantly, they have a beneficial effect on the atmosphere in the house.

The most important thing for choosing a cat representative of this Zodiac Sign is that the pet is the most beautiful and graceful.


Scorpios can get themselves a proud and rebellious Siamese cat. After all, you will perfectly understand each other and from the most harmful kitten, you will get the cutest pet. Any kitten you choose will adapt to you and you will love him.


A perfectly suitable breed for representatives of the Sagittarius Sign is the Munchkin, a funny cat with short legs like dachshunds. They have a warm pleasant color and will delight their owners. By nature, cheerful and active kittens will suit you, which, even as adults, will retain their cheerfulness.


Mascot cat for Capricorn: The Egyptian Mau will not only draw your attention to itself – it will pull you out of everyday worries and routine, forcing you to do only it. And he will be devoted only to you.

For a change, representatives of this Sign, in principle, will suit an active and cheerful pet, looking at which they will often think about something distant.


Aquarians, of course, are rarely household and can be too lazy to clean up even after themselves. But that doesn’t mean they can’t have a furry pet.

Ordinary outbred domestic cats are quickly accustomed and, if desired, lend themselves well to training. They will pick up the mind of their master and help in discoveries.


By color, it is desirable to have a dark cat, since they absorb energy more strongly. And yes, preferably a cat, not a cat. So your pet will save you from many heavy thoughts and worries. In general, be sure to listen to your instincts – you and the kitten choose each other yourself.

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