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These signs can recognize their own emotions and deal with them, maintaining self-control and common sense.

Not all people can understand their feelings and emotions many find this an incredibly difficult skill to have. But there are some signs capable of understanding this high flow of sensations, knowing exactly how to deal with it, showing superiority when it comes to emotional intelligence.

These 3 signs prove to us that acting with clarity and using your feelings as guides can be a great alternative for those looking to find the truth and purity in people and actions. Is your sign on this list? Check it out below:

1. Pisces

It can be strange for this sign to appear in the first place, mainly because it is labeled sentimental and “soft”. But the truth is that Pisces natives have very strong sensitivity and intuition, and when they can listen to them, they can achieve control of any situation, without letting anyone get hurt, whatever the situation.

Not everyone can hear the cry of intuition, and this is a skill that needs to be well trained. But Pisceans can see the soul of others and connect deeply when they want. Anyone facing a crisis or a complex problem can count on Pisces’ skills, they are capable of solving everything!

2. Cancer

Cancerians, another water sign, appear on this list precisely because of the delicacy with which they understand situations and emotion as a natural characteristic. Again, not everyone can deeply connect with these skills, many have the less developed version, with some flaws.

These natives face a tough inner battle, and yet they are capable of supporting anyone. Helping others is part of their personality, so they are great at managing other people’s feelings. When they focus on themselves, they can act as important social representatives and even become great activists.

3. Libra

One of the signs that most seek harmony in the zodiac. No wonder, its symbol represents justice, blindfolded and always in search of the truth, trying to restore peace and tranquility to any environment. Undoubtedly, Libras have the highest levels of emotional intelligence, mainly because they are not guided solely by their emotions.

As they are not good at interpreting their feelings, they prefer to use reality and common sense to understand the situation around them. They like to feel good, but they also enjoy seeing the other person well, so they are good at improving any situation, using, of course, a good talk and a lot of observation.


They are capable of attracting eyes from meters away. His personality is to conquer any woman!

Women tend to have a very refined clinical look at the striking features of a man. They can read signs, expressions, and the way they behave. Of course, not everything is always so visible, but there are those extremely evident traits.

They immediately grab attention, and this can be explained by the zodiac. Much of the personality is intensified through the signs. The first impression that says so, is because it is the most latent form in which astrology presents itself in someone’s life.

Check out below what men of these four signs cause in women who see them for the first time:

1. Gemini: charm

Geminis have this very striking characteristic. They are extremely sociable and communicative people, and they use these tricks to get a woman’s attention. The charm is in the way they behave, making them comfortable and with their guard down. They are curious and want to know everything about the woman they are meeting. They like to please and use charm to succeed in the art of conquest!

You quickly calm people down with your charm, which piques their interest in you and makes them want to get to know you better.

2. Virgo: sensuality

Even though they are shyer, Virgo men are sensual. It’s not that they make faces and mouths to conquer, that sensuality is innate. In a simple conversation, they leave women with their jaws dropped. This trait helps them to get closer, and they usually do very well in conquests.

3. Libra: attraction

The magnetism of these men is natural. They quickly arouse admiration for being very adept at communicating. They like to show that they are interested in the other person and make that very clear. They are attractive, they know it, and they use this skill to get along in love.

Your natural magnetism draws people to you. You quickly arouse their admiration for adorable communication skills that show you are genuinely interested in the other person.

4. Taurus: security

Taureans know very well the force they exert on women. They possess unparalleled composure, giving the feeling of protection and security at all times. Your virility is innate, making your actions aimed at them. Because they are decisive about what they want, they keep everything under control, and this attracts a lot of women around them.


For some people there is no middle ground, they take everything literally and any comment they take as personal.

There are billions of people in the world, each with a personality, mannerisms, and characteristics that make them unique. While some are light and calm, others are more serious and obstinate. Some take life in a good way and those believe that everything needs to be evaluated calmly and carefully.

Do you know those people who can’t hear a comment about themselves or a criticism that they take it personally? People who take life so seriously, who never find a moment to relax, who are not able to smile at crucial moments in life, and who believe that everything is a personal offense.

With these four zodiac signs, it is not possible to joke or make any jokes, everything is taken personally, any comments can offend. Is yours on the list?

1. Gemini

Geminis have that basic trait of thinking they’re superior, have you noticed? Believing that their ideas are the best and that everything they say should be considered a watershed, they don’t know how to deal with reality.

When they realize (or when someone makes them realize) that they are wrong, or that nothing they say is that important, they don’t accept it!

2. Virgo

Virgos think they are the center of the Universe, the last cookie in the package, and the dearest and loved. They believe that they are the subject of every conversation, and they even seem neurotic about the situation.

If someone tries to dissuade them from this idea, you can be sure they will get angry, sulk and send the person away (maybe end the friendship there)!

3. Libra

Libras believe that they are beauty incarnate on Earth as if all the good taste in the world exists because of them. When they realize that someone doesn’t like them or that their company is considered bad, they turn to the emotional side, isolate themselves, and then come back and argue a lot.

Their anger doesn’t change much or their belief that they are the pinnacle of the Universe.

4. Pisces

Hypersensitive and extremely emotional, Pisces people are so empathetic that they go overboard. They believe they need to fix everything, take care of everything and please everyone.

They don’t know how to listen to criticism, if you say something, you can be sure they will cry and victimize themselves, and the story they will tell later will put them in the position of martyrs. Lucky that the soft heart forgives quickly!

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