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These Three Astrological Signs Are The Most Likely

They catch on faster than their shadow and get offended as often as they breathe. These three signs of the zodiac will be particularly upset by this article.

We warn you, that you will not find any air signs in this list. Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius don’t care about your opinion. At least, not enough to be upset about it. But the other elements are all represented by our zodiac champions of susceptibility.


Not only does the zodiac Ox like things to go his way, but he ruminates on everything to the point of making a fuss. Whatever you do, you will upset Taurus. Don’t worry, she won’t say anything about it, she prefers to show it. Revenge through silence, almost Olympic sulking: Taurus’s susceptibility is matched only by the solidity of its hooves. His favorite sport? The frown.


“Vexée” is their middle name. Cancer natives take everything (very) to heart. Combine their skin-deep sensitivity, their resentful passion, and a certain talent for mood swings: everything is there to make the drama queens of the zodiac the queens of susceptibility. Moreover, reading this article will undoubtedly have triggered a new wave of susceptibility among our favorite crabs.


When not busy radiating, the sun sign sometimes erupts. Leo’s pride is as strong as his ego is fragile. Result: at the slightest impact, failure. Like a sovereign with whom one must know how to walk on eggshells, the king of the savannah knows how to roar and does not hide it. The sign takes everything personally and does not tolerate criticism well: an explosive duo. We will have warned you.

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