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The 6 Best Friends Of The Zodiac

*Aries and Gemini

Without a doubt, two crazy, passionate, and very intelligent souls. However, they can become black and white. When Aries and Gemini start talking, nothing stops them, they put their secrets on the table. They are both strong and not afraid to expose their hearts because they have been hurt before and they are still standing. Geminis are the open-minded ones, the ones who adapt and can keep up with Aries. While Aries is hypnotized by Gemini’s intelligence. They both love freedom and have an insatiable thirst for adventure. Their sense of humor unites them, but they also support each other and have a lot of fun.

*Taurus and Cancer

Certainly, when Taurus and Cancer meet, they feel relief. They realize that someone else is just as trustworthy as they are. They like to make plans and never go back on their word. They are very loyal and take care of each other above all. Taurus has the power to give Cancer stability and Cancer forces Taurus to show his vulnerable side. Cancer is sensitive, empathetic, and understanding, he is the kind of friend who does not judge Taurus’ decisions, he shows him that he is there in good times and in bad times. This makes Taurus feel seen, heard and loved. They both like stable friendships and that’s why they are honest. Together, they create an unrestricted space in which they can be themselves.

*Leo and Libra

These two different ways of seeing life, but they meet and complement each other. From the start, they make it clear that communication is the basis of their friendship, they do not beat around the bush and do not mark their limits. Libra is the charming one, the one who knows how to advise and who is not afraid when Leo offers her an adventure. Leo is passionate, creative, and extroverted. It has this magnetic energy that combines with the charm of Libra. They both enjoy each other’s company, have a great sense of humor, appreciate the little things, and don’t want to give up on their dreams. They know they are not there to please third parties.

*Virgo and Capricorn

Two logical, intelligent, and constant minds. The friendship between Virgo and Capricorn flows naturally, both have a desperate desire to conquer the world and they have no intention of stopping until they achieve that. They have confidence in their abilities and support each other not give up. However, Virgo helps Capricorn take a break from excessive work. They are both ambitious, love luxury, and know that good things do not fall from the sky, they must be achieved. The bond between Capricorn and Virgo is unconditional, they understand each other as much as if they were the same person. They comfort, challenge, and encourage each other. In addition, they do not consider themselves competitors, they are happy with their achievements. Although there are times when they can be very rigid, they eventually give in because of the love they have for each other.

*Scorpio and Pisces

Two water signs, two emotional, intuitive, and very gentle souls. But they are also changeable, there are times when they do not understand what they are experiencing, but they do not let go. Scorpio awakens the ambitious side of Pisces and Pisces gets Scorpio to talk about his dreams. They are both very deep and that helps them share everything. Scorpio is intense and passionate, but Pisces is understanding and empathetic, which makes their conversations very balanced. Pisces feels very safe when they are with Scorpio and Scorpio also takes off his shield alongside Pisces. They love to talk about life, the Universe, and love.

*Sagittarius and Aquarius

A dynamic, crazy, impulsive, and very authentic friendship. This is what Sagittarius and Aquarius build when they decide to share their lives. Sagittarius is very intelligent and Aquarius is very innovative. They both like their space, they don’t like being ordered around and they dare to experience every adventure that comes their way. When they are together, there is a lot of laughing and learning. They are two spirits full of enthusiasm for life, they love to explore the world. Sagittarius is the adventurer who admires Aquarius’ originality and Aquarius admires the way Sagittarius takes flight and isn’t chained to anything.

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