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The Most Unfaithful Women According To The Sign Of The Zodiac

The stereotypical opinion says that men are more often cheaters, and there are many reasons for this. We talked about who is more prone to adultery here, this article may be very interesting to you. Nevertheless, female infidelity is not uncommon, and astrologers believe that representatives of these 4 signs of the zodiac are most prone to it.

The most unfaithful women according to the sign of the zodiac

1. Aries

The Aries woman is the soul of the company, she loves to be in the spotlight and is ready for the most dramatic changes that could satisfy her passion. Representatives of this sign do not attach too much importance to betrayal, often it is just a new experience. However, when they sincerely love their partners and find everything they want in them, Aries is committed to the end.

They are not too romantic and not strong in expressing their feelings, but the thoughtless risk is not for them. Boredom and despair are two factors that make them try to feel “alive” again.

2. Leo

Charming Leos dominate relationships, they need recognition and admiration. They are not inclined to deceive partners for a long time. If Leo women decide to cheat, they have more than good reasons for this.

In particular, unsatisfied ambition or insufficient adoration. Often intrigue on the side for them is a way to attract attention. But if they seek to maintain a relationship, then this is the most extreme way out.

The main difficulty lies in the fact that the Lions are not inclined to show feelings. To understand that they are unhappy with something in a relationship, sometimes it turns out too late.

3. Taurus

Taurus girls believe in true love. Having changed, they will not hide this from partners, but they will not strive to maintain relations. For them, intimacy is akin to spirituality, and spiritual and domestic comfort are great values.

Taurus cannot be near unloved people and are looking for what they want on the side. At the same time, betrayal causes a deep sense of guilt in them – they do not want to betray, as well as to be deceived.

The threat to comfort is another reason why Taurus may seek solace elsewhere. They love peace, comfort, beautiful and expensive things, as well as “decent people.” Life with brawlers, scene-loving jealous people, and sluts indifferent to the situation in the house is not for them.

4. Pisces

Romantic Pisces are often on the lookout for unexplored passions. They live in their dreams and at times lose touch with reality, idealizing a potential partner. Having been burned in new relationships, they can continue to build old ones, carefully hiding the fact of infidelity and trying to make amends by any means. If the secret nevertheless becomes clear, it is the alliances with Pisces that the partners decide to keep that turn out to be one of the happiest.

To push them to infidelity can be a banal uncertainty in the satellite. Pisces needs a person who can understand their subtle mental organization and not allow them to go too deep into fictional worlds.

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