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The 6 Most Intense Zodiac Signs When Falling In Love

1 Aries

This sign is intense by nature, don’t you think? Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of action, initiative, and strength. This is why everything you do will be done with great dynamism and energy. Aries is an intense person and no one can say otherwise. And not to mention the moment he falls in love. He can be someone very impulsive and passionate when it comes to love. Of course, you have to set limits because an intense Aries is unmanageable. He won’t even let you breathe if you let him. You should also know that if things don’t work out as a couple, he will be very vindictive and will not let you live in peace. He will do everything in his power to make you feel like the worst person in the universe. Be careful! Because what Aries has good, it also has bad.

2 Taurus

The zodiac Taurus would give his life for you if he is deeply in love. He will not hesitate for a single second to put a lot of energy into the relationship. This is an intense and very stubborn sign. You are unlikely to change your mind about your feelings for another person. And it’s better not to take this as a game because Taurus is very serious when he wants to commit. He may even consider you his property if you agree to go out with him. For this reason, you will have to be very careful, because you do not want the bull to get angry with you. You will see the worst version of it, believe me. His intensity is both good and bad and you will have to be very patient if you want to continue alongside him. If you betray his trust, everything will fall apart and you will experience his darkest side.

3 Gemini

The intensity of this air sign will be in the way they love you. He will have the constant need to want to save you. He will try everything he has to make you feel like you can’t live without him. Gemini loves playing superheroes with their favorite person. However, he becomes very intense and overprotective. You have to know how to manage him because his moods are very changeable and sometimes conflicting. You might even feel suffocated and saturated by their presence. For better or worse, this is a sign that knows no middle ground. And of course, he will expect you to admire him for the efforts he has invested in making you better. It seems that when he falls in love, he hopes to fall in love with someone whose emotional situation is worse than him.

4 Leo

For a fire sign like Leo, intensity is something that already comes naturally to them. The life of a Leo is always intense. And the same thing will happen when you fall in love. She is a very passionate person who will want to take charge of her relationship with you. Leo is an innate and energetic leader who needs to satisfy your every need. However, his intense side is revealed when he starts behaving a little toxic. If you are the person he fell in love with, you will frequently have to deal with his whims and lifestyle. He won’t give in easily and from time to time you will have to witness his famous dramatic scenes. You need to be patient if you plan to have a long-term relationship with this zodiac sign.

5 Scorpio

The Scorpio zodiac carries passion and intensity in their blood. If you know him, you can attest to this. Scorpio lives life to the limits and when he falls in love, he gives everything for his special someone. If you’re lucky, know that this sign can sometimes be very possessive of you. His passion and love are so intense that you will feel suffocated by him. And try not to deceive him or hurt him, because you will see the darkness he has within him. This sign, for better or worse, can be very direct. If you hurt him, he will not hesitate to expose all your weak points and take revenge. Scorpio is a sign that knows no limits and always lives in extremes. He can love you and hate you with the same intensity. You will therefore have to be careful…

6 Sagittarius

The reality is that when a sign like Sagittarius falls in love, they idealize their special someone a lot. He will see someone perfect in his partner and will become very overprotective of him. You will be attentive at all hours and want your partner to return your affection in the same way. This is when his most intense side is revealed. Sagittarius needs passionate love, love that lives up to their expectations. And that doesn’t always happen. If you are the one dealing with this sign, know that it is one of the most intense of all when falling in love. So think twice before failing him, because he will never forgive you. If you cannot set limits at the beginning, you will have to have the idea that over time the intensity will increase significantly.

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