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The Arrival Of Taurus Season Brings Luck To These Three Astrological Signs

Favorite and renewed energy, the change of astrological season offers new momentum to three signs. They take flight and head straight towards success. The lucky little ones…

We change pace. After a month under pressure, the pace is slowing down to help us enjoy spring more fully. There is the end of Mercury retrograde, announced on April 25, 2024. The Full Moon in Scorpio on the 24th and above all a very beautiful alignment between Venus (love), Chiron (healing), and Mercury (communication) which could favor exchanges and meetings. In short, the period is ideal for matters of the heart and to help us take care of ourselves. We see more clearly, we let ourselves enjoy the present moment. So many good energies that the Taurus season, which begins this April 19, highlights. Softness, romanticism, and the need to anchor ourselves, the Sun in Taurus makes us aware of our responsibilities. What value do we give ourselves? What projects do we want to take root and develop? This dynamic makes us review the meaning of our priorities. A new impetus seems to bring luck to three signs of the zodiac as Jean-Yves Espié explains in his horoscope.


If it has the reputation of having a good start, the sign born under the influence of Jupiter, luck, sees the wind turn in its favor. It must be said that Sagittarius is benefiting from some nice investments at the moment. With many planets found in his friend Aries, the cosmic centaur shines brightly. It is primarily to Venus that he owes this renewed energy. Between the desire to give in to all their pleasures and the charm that magnetizes everyone around them, Sagittarius has it all. “The planet of love sharpens your senses and brings you a delicate charm,” emphasizes the astrologer.

Added to this are the positive effects of Mercury. “Its support will help you subtly express your feelings,” admits Jean-Yves Espié. And it’s not so much that Sagittarius needs it, but the one who is sometimes considered clumsy could take advantage of this momentum to close a deal, sign a contract, or simply say what’s on his heart. It’s great, especially for his private life which should take a new turn. As a couple, we think about projects together. Single, the alignment of Mercury and Venus helps to seduce. If Sagittarius has someone in mind, perhaps this is the time to confess their attachment. If this is not the case, a meeting is looming. “Beauty pleases the eyes, gentleness charms the soul,” the astrologer likes to conclude, quoting Voltaire. The message is sent, it’s up to him to make good use of it!


With the arrival of the Sun in its sky, Taurus can (finally) make a new start. It’s his moment, his birthday season. Nothing and no one can stop him. For good reason, he benefits from “an increase in vitality which translates into increasing optimism”, warns the astrologer. The perfect opportunity to advance your projects and above all to immerse yourself in a bubble of happiness. His need to make his desires come true is more intense than ever. Taurus enjoys life to the fullest and, above all, takes advantage of it to establish its position. “This flow of energy might surprise those who are used to seeing you move at a leisurely pace. Focus on concrete and financial objectives,” advises Jean-Yves Espié, because now is the time to move everything forward.

In this momentum, he will also be able to count on the support of Jupiter (luck) in his sky which allows him to easily find solutions. Taurus leaves its peaceful routine to venture towards previously unexplored paths. Opportunities present themselves to him, and doors open. In short, he has everything to be at the right time in the right place. A pinch of happiness also allows him to enjoy beautiful moments in his private life. And we know that when the stars align, barriers and blockages break down. All that remains is to head straight towards success.


Cancer experienced a slight slump. Aries season, literally an all-fire moment, has left him somewhat exhausted. Sensitive and rather calm, the crab had difficulty finding its place in the face of the need to change everything. It was intense and stressful. Fortunately, everything is starting to return to order. “With the arrival of the Sun as an accomplice sign, a more pleasant context is felt,” observes the astrologer. “It’s time to get off to a fresh start with the beautiful aspects of Mars and Uranus that stimulate your creativity. » Finally at ease, Cancer can have a clearer vision of what they want to do and where they want to go. An advantage that allows him to put his talents to good use. Mars boosts his ambition while Uranus pushes him to dream and dare to think outside the box.

The situation is ideal for making a new start, moving forward, and above all putting your files in order. “Not forgetting Jupiter, who puts oil in the wheels and helps you soothe your emotions and create a bond. » The observation is clear, clear, and precise – like Cancer’s desires: it’s the perfect time to go for it and believe in your lucky star. Although he may feel as if a weight is being lifted from his shoulders, Cancer has no interest in relaxing his efforts. It’s now that everything is at stake. You have to dare and show initiative. Heaven will take care of the practice and the rest to help him reach the heights.

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