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The best wives sorted by rank 1-12. According to the zodiac sign In 2022


Cancer women are very emotional and committed. Unfortunately, their emotional outbursts usually lead to heartbreak. But despite the fact that they are very easy to hurt, a cancer is the classic example of a woman who is the right choice for a stable and long-term relationship. They are extremely caring and will do anything to please their husband and children. Click here to find something interesting.

If you are lucky enough to have a cancer survivor for life, you will not be disappointed because it will make your life better than ever. Therefore, cancer women are classified as the best women of the zodiac. 


Fishwomen are trustworthy. They will not let anyone down, even if that person does not deserve their trust and love. They always give you a second chance Click here to find something interesting. . At first they may seem a bit shy, but as soon as they let you into their hearts, you will discover a whole new world of love and affection. 

Because of their creativity they are very intelligent and have a side that you will never forget. They like to lead a demanding life and enjoy good food and good music. They can be a bit moody, but their kindness and loyalty make up for it. 


Libra women are very emotional and are the kindest sign of the zodiac. They always strive to be positive and happy, but that does not stop them from dealing with confrontations in a marriage. A balance can not sleep well until it has resolved disputes with its partner. Therefore, she will insist on solving problems as soon as possible.

Scales are thinkers who inspire their partners to achieve their goals. That’s what gets their partners to be better people. They will never try to get something from their partners through pressure, but only with kindness. 


Once she has found someone to love, a bull woman is very committed to that person. Nothing becomes more important than the person they love. Bull women will devote their lives to their better half and do everything for them just because they love them. These women are very intelligent and they want more in a relationship than just physical things.

Due to the fact that they are intelligent, if you want to attract the attention of a bull, you have to involve and challenge your mind and body. This is not an easy task. You have to fit her intellectually and emotionally perfectly.

The bottom line is that once you’ve reached them, which is not easy, and you’re protecting your family, especially when it comes to their children, they’re very loyal. 


These women are very impulsive because they can not handle boredom. If they feel like they are in a bind, they will do something about it immediately. So if you want to marry a Aquarius woman, make sure your relationship does not stagnate or she’ll leave you. If she sees that she gets stuck, she will go and find something more exciting.

Also, Aquarius women are very smart and want their partner to suit them. So if you are able to keep up with their excitement and intelligence, marry them, because you will not regret it! 


These women are real creators. If they think something out, they will achieve it one way or another. They are absolute queens when it comes to multitasking – they take care of the children, the house, their job and above all lead a happy married life.

If you want to marry this type of woman, you need to know that you have to be very organized. They can not bear being lazy or having people around them who always promise something and ultimately do not. 


Twin women will be the best woman you can ask for, with their loving words and caring deeds, and the next moment they can change their minds – just like that, in a fraction of a second.

If you want to marry a twin, you need to know that there are two sides to her that you have to live with. It’s easy to live with the loving side, but what if the other side comes to light? 


Scorpion women are not the worst choice to spend the rest of your life with. They tend to get the most out of their partner, but in a special way that does not appeal to everyone.

It is the fact that they have very high standards. If you are unable to follow her and achieve the goals she has set, it will be critical. Therefore, only the strongest can “tame” a scorpion woman. 


Virgins are organized and believe they know exactly what is wrong and what is right. In order to live with a virgin, you have to accept the fact that everything has to go after her.

On the other hand, if you keep her happy, you will experience a very profound love. Because deep inside she will understand what you intend to do with her and she will reciprocate that. 


If a lioness does not get what she wants, someone gets hurt. And I seriously hurt. She will not sulk – she will rave!

So think twice before getting involved with a lioness. Once you have her heart, you will experience unconditional love. When lion women love, they love forever. You will not mind sharing the limelight with you. Just do not stand if she gets angry, but run away until she has cooled down. 


Aries women are very competent and wonderful and gorgeous. There is no doubt that you will immediately fall in love with this woman.

She is very faithful in marriage, but she expects something in return. If you do not give her what she wants, she will go and find someone who wants it. One thing you should know: Do not disappoint a ram-headed woman, because she will tear you to pieces. 


Riflemen are very passionate and can not stay in one place too long because they can not stand boredom. As soon as they feel they are being held, they run away and never come back. Accept them as they are and never try to tame them because you will fail.

You want more freedom than commitment and you can not change that. The only solution is that you are as free-spirited as they are. When you’re ready to see the world as she sees it, you have a perfect marriage.

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