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What Addictions Are Zodiac Signs Prone To?

Every person at any time is dependent on something or someone. You don’t have to be addicted to alcohol or drugs to feel like you have a problem. Such is the essence of man – he always needs to have some kind of vice or weakness. What kind of addictions the Zodiac Signs are prone to: You don’t even have to be aware of your attachment, because each Zodiac Sign has it in about the same range. For example, in the Signs of the Elements of the Earth, the dependence will be more material than spiritual.

If your habits do not cause discomfort to you and your loved ones, then there is no point in eradicating them. As for the opinions of others, this is already a secondary issue, no matter how selfish it may sound. Find out what addictions the Zodiac Signs are prone to.


Aries very often “runs out of battery”, and this is characteristic of them not only emotionally, but also physically. The fact is that the representatives of this Sign do not know how to be pragmatic, they do not know how to calculate their strength. Aries constantly rod like a bulldozer – only forward, through all obstacles, sweeping away everything in its path.  Such a life requires complete dedication and nerves of steel. Aries most often suffer from alcohol addiction and also find it difficult to do without caffeine, so they drink a lot of coffee or energy drinks. Most often they do not recognize drugs. Aries are also dependent on a sense of freedom, so they love traveling, hiking, and concerts.


Taurus love physical intimacy and rush to it faster than anyone, even if it is imperceptible to them. These people love to eat delicious food, and not just to make it pleasant, but to remember the meal for a long time. Taurus is addicted to entertainment of any scale and type. It can be both computer games and gambling.

Taurus loves to be first. They are addicted to praise and a sense of superiority, so they are good at competitive games. Taurus love to bet, and they are also dependent on their “lair”. They like to hang out at home and do nothing.


Twins are very often addicted to alcohol or even hard drugs. Of course, the percentage of such people is incredibly negligible, but if taken in percentage terms with other Signs, then Gemini will be somewhere near Pisces. These people are very fond of experiments and a change of scenery. Gemini can only be understood by the elite, so it is useless to look for reasons.

Geminis love to keep abreast of everything that happens in the world, so they have a very modern and widespread addiction – to the Internet and social networks. They constantly need a phone with access to the network, the Internet at home, at work, in the car, new devices, devices, and so on. They also smoke more than others.


Of the extremely harmful addictions, it is worth highlighting alcohol. As for more difficult problems, these people have one weak point – they are afraid of loneliness when they are in a relationship. Cancers are very hurt by parting, especially if they were not the initiator. They have a hard time with any loss. They are dependent on love, a feeling of warmth, and being close to a loved one.

Cancers are also dependent on their priorities in life. They will never back down from them, even if it hurts a person close to them. This is such a kind of paradoxical game. It is very difficult for them, because they struggle with their addictions, perhaps worse than all the other Signs.


Many Lions abuse tobacco and alcohol without a twinge of conscience and fear of the consequences. The only thing that significantly overlaps this is shopping. Lions are dependent on their status and on a sense of satisfaction with themselves. They want to be the best – this is their main drug, having tried it at least once, they will never be the same. Lions have the most serious monetary dependence. These people may just love their money, count it every day, or even talk to it. The only thing they love more than money is spending it.


Virgos have very complex addictions. They suffer from smoking, from gluttony, from their indifference, and from the desire to find an easy way. Perhaps the most terrible addiction of Virgos is the desire to go through life without problems. It is easy for Virgo to live in apathy, in detachment from the world. It’s in their blood.

This is almost impossible to eradicate, which is why Virgos suffer drastic changes at work, at home, in their personal lives. Virgos are dependent on their things, with which they do not want to part under any condition, ever. They are also order dependent. In their house, everything should lie where the Virgos need it, otherwise, you may pay for causing damage to their peace of mind.


Libra loves to smoke and drink alcohol if everything in their life is too good or too bad. They strongly support their love addiction, not only spiritual but also physical. Libras rarely change, because they are very attached to a person who suits them in everything.

They seem to have some kind of internal mechanism when they find true love. Libras are also addicted to their hobbies. This is perhaps the only positive addiction among all the Zodiac Signs.


Scorpios are dependent on their independence. No matter how strange it may sound, in reality, everything is exactly like that. They can’t stand it when someone stands over them and controls them. Fortunately for them, there are many ways in this world to get rid of bosses and overseers.

Of the harmful attachments, only alcohol should be singled out, but Scorpions know how to cope with this when the time requires it. These people are very fond of sex. It’s not that others don’t like him, it’s just that Scorpios expect a lot from physical intimacy and carefully choose partners. For them, this is a huge event every time.


Sagittarians often do not know the limits to the use of alcohol and smoke a lot. They also love gambling and are very greedy for the opportunity to become the first in something. The competitive spirit is what turns them on. They are dependent on ambitious goals that they constantly set for themselves and which, by the way, they know how to achieve. Sagittarians are very fond of money, but not in terms of quantity and accumulation, but in terms of earnings. Sagittarius workaholics are common. They like to work and move towards something.


Capricorns choose their weaknesses and vices very carefully. They control all their attachments very well. All but one – status in society. They appreciate the place where they are now, but they always strive upward, and they are ready to give almost everything they have for it.

This is one of the most greedy signs of the Zodiac, but you will never see a Capricorn taking the last candy from a child or not lending his loved one a small amount. The greed of Capricorns is dependent on the receipt of funds. They won’t work a second more if they don’t get paid for it. Capricorns rarely suffer from drug or alcohol addiction.


The Internet and computer games – that’s what Aquarius just blows the roof off. These people may not leave their homes for days or weeks. By playing video games, Aquarians take themselves to a world where they can become stronger and better. Representatives of this Sign are addicted to thrills, so dangerous sports and extreme sports are their elements. For some unknown reason, smokers are also common among Aquarians. If we abstract from all of the above, then, in principle, these people have quite a few serious attachments.


Among Pisces, drug addicts and alcoholics are often found. Why is not completely clear, but these types of addictions are very popular among representatives of this Sign. They value freedom and people who help to feel it, so they are dependent on soulmates and friends.

They survive breakups no better than Cancers. They can’t live without their things like Earth Signs. Pisces, to be honest, perhaps has the most dependencies on various varieties and species. They can cope with them, but they often do not have the desire to do this.

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