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The Brutal Truth About Your Relationship With An Aries.

The brutal truth about your relationship with an Aries. So, you fell in love with Aries, right? Well… Good luck to you! Kidding. We are fantastic romantic partners. Now that you’re head over heels in love, it’s time to learn a few things about what it’s like to be in an Aries relationship. The very first (and most important) is that we are your best choice in the entire zodiac constellation.

I am sure that this is a generally accepted and confirmed opinion by astrology, I just want to emphasize this once again so that we all are on the same wavelength. Or in one solar system. Doesn’t matter. Now that we have figured out everything, let’s find out more about the features of love compatibility with Aries …

The Brutal Truth About Relationships With Aries:

1. We are furious.

No wonder, because Aries is a sign of fire. I’ve been called “furious” all my life, and after years of introspection, I’ve concluded that this is both a compliment and an insult at the same time (I choose the former).

In practice, this means that when we enter a room, it is filled with a huge amount of energy. Mostly good. Or bad, depending on the mood. We are the ones you will invite to the party if you want it to be fun. But there are downsides – we have a quick temper.

2. We have egos.

Aries women need people who, if necessary, will indulge their egos (which happens quite often) or keep them in line with modesty. Good luck trying to find the middle ground!

3. We are adventurous.

We try almost everything new. And if we don’t like it (or something doesn’t work out for us) the first time, we are unlikely to repeat it.

4. We get bored quickly.

If you don’t entertain us, if the s#x with you is mediocre and the conversations become uninteresting, we’ll leave. We will do it delicately (we have manners). So remember, if you can’t get our attention, you’ll soon lose us.

5. We are people of high flying.

We do not trade in trifles. We think about projects, ideas, goals, and necessary steps to get the job done in general. We are not interested in small details. We’ll deal with them if we have to – after all, we value responsibility (without much enthusiasm).

6. We are aggressive.

We are aggressive in what, when, and how we want. Please don’t block our path. Better not compete with us, because you will surely lose.

7. Our love is very strong.

We fall in love quickly and passionately, but we love with deep passion. We like to love. If you start dating with us, you will know it and feel it with all your soul.

8. We enjoy life.

To tell the truth, we like everything: travel, literature, theater, interesting people, the world, and you. We are fascinated by almost everything, we want to live to the fullest. That is why we are called people of high flight. If we start thinking about the little things, then we simply will not have time to enjoy life.

9. We are loyal to the very end.

Do not harm our friends and people close to us. We can be offended for years. For years. And if we take revenge not physically, then with words. My friend’s enemy is my enemy. Be alert.

10. We are very determined.

We say almost anything we want, especially to people who know us very well. We may keep our mouths shut in front of our parents or boss because “restraint” is a social norm but understand that it is extremely difficult for us to remain silent. So better stand up for us and don’t let us explode with all this courtesy.

11. We work very hard.

Hire an Aries, give him some interesting tasks, and he will work harder than everyone in the room. Warning: This only works if Aries is doing what they love. Otherwise, there will be no business.

12. We are impatient.

Very. We have everything to be done for yesterday, and if we can come to a restaurant, cinema, or meeting on time, then why can’t you do it?

Don’t try to piss us off the way a traffic jam or a line at the grocery store does. Just don’t make us wait.

13. We need personal space.

We are completely independent, which means that we just need to have our privacy. If we feel caged, we will run away at the very moment when we slightly open the door. As a rule, we are attracted to balanced men (with their interests and hobbies), who in a relationship allow us to breathe freely.

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