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The Dark Side Of Leo: The Needy, The Dictators, The Poseurs, The Corrupt

Befriending or marrying a Leo is like buying a theater ticket. For Leo, “The whole world is a stage.” Sagittarius loves to get attention too, but unlike Sagittarians, negative Leos often don’t have any talent other than being dictators, divas, drama queens, or other non-starters who embrace this show as a way of life.

That’s what they do.

Positive Leos are Hall of Famers, Nobel Prizes, pennants, and medal winners, and are admired despite their flaws. They are not necessarily beautiful – it’s all a stereotype. Often Leo’s trademark is their luxurious “mane”, which successfully hides or diverts attention from the real appearance of Leo, which is not always as perfect as his hair.

Undoubtedly, among the Leos, there are bright and memorable, talented personalities, but there are not so many of them. This zodiac sign can be both a positive and a negative hero.

Negative Leos want to get the same honors as positive Leos, and they do this with their tricks: imitation, ranting like Benito Mussolini (July 29), bribes, espionage, seduction, petty crime, and exploitation of other, more naive people. They think they can’t be outwitted or beaten in any way. Even when they are ashamed that they were caught in a lie, Leos will continue to lie for some more time because they pay too much attention to the character they are playing.

Lions love money and the opportunities that open up before them when their financial situation is quite satisfactory. Without money, the meaning of life is lost for them.

Glitter, hairspray, and lots of jewelry. The Dark Side of Leo

Always striving for perfection, Leos can have a terrible obsession with their looks. A striking example is the disfigured plastic surgery addict Jocelyn Wildenstein (b. August 5). She wanted to make herself “cat’s eyes”. She received them.

Also striking in her appearance is Betty Brosman Vader (born August 2), who posed as a model for Shape Magazine in the 1950s. Her waist, with the help of prolonged use of a corset, began to have a circumference of about 53 centimeters. It’s just amazing.

As well as the image of the famous writer Jacqueline Suzanne (born August 20), whom many know from her novel Valley of the Dolls. The sequins, hair, and make-up of the author serve as a classic model for transvestites.

Leo is different

Leo can be sunny and generous, but when negative Leos are criticized or asked to calm down, there is simply no colder person to be found. The sullen Lion becomes a black hole that can suck out energy in exorbitant amounts. They want their bad mood to ruin everyone’s outing or evening.

Lions like Bill Clinton (b. August 19) need helpers and listeners so much that they will behave like jesters. Somehow he remembers Monica Lewinsky (b. July 23), who was disgraced as the instigator of a scandalous romance, but that’s all, what we do know is that she was another Leo looking for attention.

Leo is a treasure trove of attention-getting tricks and failures. A lonely, unattractive bachelor Leo can wear a wedding ring even when not married, which scares away very obsessive ladies who want a more serious relationship than he is ready to give them. Why not a smart receiver?

Even if I did, I won’t admit it

Leo’s goal is to look cool. It’s not easy or cheap. Martha Stewart (born August 3), also a Leo, has shown viewers dream homes, and now many are shelling out big bucks to get a little closer to what they want. In her opinion, many were equal and wanted to be like her.

Negative Leos and zodiac signs with the Moon in Leo (like Donald Trump) tend to live in style, buying only the “best” alcohol, luxury cars, the coolest bikes and gear, and shopping in the best boutiques. They do not have critical intelligence, they believe in television and advertising.

Many of them go bankrupt. Clinging to famous brands, celebrities, and sports teams, imitating celebrities. A failed Leo gets attention by trying to act like someone else. Have you met such Lions who bluff on the way to fame and money?

Journalist Janet Cooke (born July 23), who wrote for The Washington Post, won a Pulitzer Prize for reporting on an eight-year-old German addict who never happened. Jacqueline Kennedy (born July 28) married Aristotle Onassis, and not because of his charm, but because of the money. Miss Cleo (August 13), the founder of the Psychic Friends network, has made millions selling lies and bullying clients.

Slobodan Milosevic (b. 20 August) considered himself a great historical figure, a “second Tito”, and thousands of people died because of his ambitions. Arnold Schwarzenegger (b. July 30) became governor of California for no reason. Copycats can learn from Madonna herself (born August 16) that even the positive Leo never gets enough attention, money, praise, and airtime, and he still looks a little needy.

The good news is that their playing can win respect in old age, like the alcoholic poet Charles Bukowski (b. August 16) and David Crosby (b. August 14), who finally rose to fame for their talent, and uncooked liver. When Leos are good, like Jennifer Lopez, they are the best. And you can’t argue with that!

The Dark Side of Leo

Leo decides to marry because they will make a good secretary, servant, or assistant. Or you don’t transcend it. Who you are and what you look like doesn’t matter; tell the Leos how amazing and gorgeous they are, and an epic love trance and a great martini will be yours if you sing his praises. It’s not like without it!

Cultivate relationships and Leo can make you the star of his terrible human reality show. And positive Leos love children and play with them, being big children. Negative Leos, men, and women have children to receive love and attention, and not to give it to someone. Often their parents also had serious parenting problems.

Leo does not consider himself to be guilty of anything. If a negative Leo loses his temper or tries to manipulate him, then the consequences, at the final stage of their patience, can reach complete embitterment and filing lawsuits (if there is a reason for that). Leo can be extremely cold and cruel to his offender.

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