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The five signs that won’t forgive you if you make them suffer

Some people cannot easily overlook the fact that they have been betrayed. Find out which zodiac signs never forgive when someone hurts them.
For some people, forgiveness is a natural process that comes slowly and helps them leave behind the unpleasant memories of the past and the wrongs others have done to them. But for others, on the other hand, forgiveness seems almost impossible! Even if they seem to have forgotten and moved on, they will always keep in their souls that wound of betrayal and disappointment caused by the people they trusted.

Here are the five zodiac signs that can’t forgive easily:


Taurus natives place great value on loyalty. And when someone betrays their trust, it hurts a lot and they can’t easily overlook what happened.

The closer and more reliable the person, the stronger the betrayal is felt, and this is strongly felt in the case of Taurus. For these natives, trust is a gift they give to those around them. If this gift is trampled upon, the wrath of the Bulls will be commensurate. Nothing can win back their trust after that.


People born under the Cancer sign are very sensitive to the behavior of those around them. They feel hurt quite easily, but when it comes to major wrongs that others do to them, then they can never forgive. Although they seem to have overcome the difficult time, that man no longer has a place in their heart.

Cancers don’t forgive, even if they seem like they do. Something remains in their soul that always reminds them of that suffering. And because they feel it more intensely than anyone else, it takes a very long time to heal.


Virgo natives can endure a lot. They overlook seemingly innocent gestures from others that bother them. Attentive to every detail, these natives begin to piece together all these small gestures and may discover that some people are intentionally harming them. They can forgive wrongdoings that happen by mistake, but they cannot tolerate someone hurting them on purpose. And when he discovers such a situation, he never forgives.

They cut those harmful people out of their lives without a second thought and never forgive them.


Scorpio natives are said to be vengeful. While that may be true, in some cases they prefer not to mess with people who don’t deserve their attention. When they are betrayed, hurt or someone makes them suffer, natives of the Scorpio sign cut off all traces of communication and make it clear that they will never forget the harm done. And when they promise something, they clearly keep their word. Therefore, it is better not to upset a person born under the sign of Scorpio…


The anger of the Sagittarius native is like an explosion: it goes off suddenly and can be destructive. But it’s a way for Sagittarians to get rid of negative energy and get over whatever is bothering them.

However, when someone deeply disappoints them, they never forget or forgive. No matter how much the person who wronged them insists, the Sagittarius native will not be swayed. He knows that those people who made him suffer don’t deserve his forgiveness, so he simply moves on and leaves them behind.

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