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The Full Moon On March 25th, 2024: How It Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

The upcoming full moon, which coincides with a lunar eclipse, promises to add an extra dose of interest to the night sky. Scheduled for Sunday, March 24th, and Monday, March 25th, with its peak brightness expected around 8 a.m. French time on March 25th, this full moon also marks the start of spring, commonly known as the Worm Moon.

This upcoming full moon takes on special significance due to its status as a penumbral lunar eclipse.

This astrological configuration adds dimension to the energy released. Indeed, this lunar eclipse marks the conclusion of a chapter of your life, which began around October 14th, 2023 during the annular solar eclipse at 21 degrees Libra.

In astrological tradition, the full moon always represents a culmination or concluding phase in a month-long lunar cycle. With the element of the eclipse, this sense of finality is amplified, shining a light on areas where you may have been holding back or restricting yourself.

For this new period, it might be opportune for you to tap into your strengths and stop compromising your unique individuality. This will allow you to radiate the qualities you value in your friends, business associates, and romantic partners.

Although the full moon on March 25th is conducive to letting go, making changes, and thinking about the future, it is not recommended to take initiative. The unpredictable aspect of the eclipse suggests not setting specific goals. Instead, it is advisable to reflect, relax, and celebrate the progress made over the past few months, while anticipating the arrival of spring.

Below you will find the astrologer’s predictions on the impact of the March 25th full moon on each zodiac sign and ascendant

Here’s how Venus in Aquarius will affect you, depending on your Sun sign and/or rising sign:


For Aries, the full moon on March 25th could encourage breaking away from toxic friendships.

This lunar phase could bring about a sudden desire to move away from any harmful relationships.

This period will promote acceptance of the need to abandon unhealthy and harmful connections. This may be an opportune time to end these relationships, including those started on dating apps in October.

This full moon could also encourage setting strict boundaries to preserve your emotional well-being. Once these boundaries are established, you will be more likely to meet people who bring you a sense of well-being.

With strengthened self-esteem, seek relationships where you feel truly comfortable and in tune with each other, whether in a friendship, a romantic relationship, or in a professional setting. You will know these relationships are appropriate if they feel natural and rewarding to you.


For Taureans, the first full moon of spring promises a surge of revitalizing energy.

This period can be seen as a signal to embrace a new journey towards well-being. You will be able to use this energetic impulse to initiate beneficial changes.

For example, this could mark the moment when you decide to leave sedentary habits behind and engage in activities such as long-distance walking or morning yoga.

Additionally, this revitalization could push you to consider adjustments in your career. This may be an opportune time to finalize a current professional project or to explore new job opportunities or responsibilities.

You may also be considering joining a new team within your current company. This lunar phase encourages action and progress, providing an auspicious opportunity to make significant changes in different aspects of your life.


For Gemini, the upcoming full moon will rekindle their desire to explore new encounters.

Even though they had sworn to never use dating apps again. This is the perfect opportunity to let yourself be carried away by their feelings of seduction and take full advantage of this spring energy.

Adding the eclipse will only accentuate this exciting atmosphere, inspiring them to dress up for a memorable date. For those who are already in a relationship, this period could mark an evolution in their relationship. They might either decide to end the relationship or feel the desire to become more involved.

Discussions about the possibility of cohabiting or clearly defining their relationship could thus emerge. In short, this full moon offers Gemini the opportunity to reconnect with their sensuality and explore new relational avenues, whether solo or with their current partner.


For Cancers, this full moon could mark a good time to start looking for a new place or apartment.

If you’ve spent months scanning real estate listings, it’s time to seriously think about where you live now. You may feel the need to reevaluate whether your current home truly meets your needs and aspirations.

Maybe you’ve realized you’d prefer to live in a city where everything is within walking distance, or maybe you need more space to accommodate a new pet, like a dog.

Some Cancers might even feel ready to take the plunge into a new living space or consider moving to a new city. In any case, it is recommended to look for a place that best meets your criteria and aspirations, taking into account all the possibilities available to you.


This full moon will bring Leo a feeling of rebirth and renewal.

Significant breakthroughs are expected in various aspects of your life, providing the long-awaited beginning you have been hoping for. If you’ve invested time and energy into a major project, you may finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Likewise, if you are passionate about a creative hobby, you will be overwhelmed by a cascade of stimulating and innovative ideas. Additionally, many important and deep conversations with friends are to be expected, some perhaps long overdue.

So get ready to engage in serious discussions over a cup of coffee, because these exchanges could play a crucial role in your journey and your interpersonal relationships.


Under this full moon, Virgo will be able to revamp their finances significantly.

You’ll likely receive an additional injection of cash in the coming weeks, whether through a pay rise, an adjustment in your current job, or even taking a new perspective on your spending. Whatever the source of these extra finances, you will be more attentive to your financial situation and think about managing your money more often.

To make the most of this time, it would be a good idea to create a budget for yourself or set some financial goals, such as establishing good credit or building up savings for the unexpected.

Along with these financial concerns, you might also notice significant changes in your love life. This eclipse will act as a catalyst to transform your relationships, helping you distinguish those you can trust and identify relationships that are truly sustainable in the long term.

In short, this full moon offers Virgo the opportunity to take control of their finances while clarifying and strengthening their emotional relationships.


Libra will undergo an energetic reset during this full moon.

Which marks the first eclipse of 2024 and one of the first eclipses of Libra. Astrologically, this portends important changes for this air sign.

As the full moon approaches, expect to break free from any unwanted relationships as well as habits that are holding you back. Identify the friends that are causing you stress and the thoughts or behaviors that no longer serve you, and let go of them without hesitation.

Also, take advantage of this time to resolve any outstanding details. Everything you have undertaken since mid-October of last year is now likely to find a resolution or conclusion. It’s truly a cathartic reset that will allow you to make room for healthier relationships and an improved version of yourself.


The next full moon promises a deep spiritual experience for Scorpio.

This lunar phase will mark a total reset of your connection with yourself, with those around you, and with the universe as a whole.

You will feel deeply in tune with your aspirations and ready to make the changes necessary to achieve them. A feeling of clarity will emerge, dispelling the fog that has surrounded your life since the fall, as well as the fatigue that accompanied it.

To prepare yourself to embrace these changes, it is crucial to take care of yourself. Pay special attention to your sleep and mental well-being. This will be a great time to cultivate good sleep habits and practice stress management and relaxation techniques. By fully engaging in these practices, you will prepare yourself to welcome the positive transformations that await you during this powerful lunar phase.


For Sagittarians, this full moon will highlight the importance of friendship and community.

You will spend convivial moments with your closest friends while exploring new opportunities for enriching encounters. Under the influence of the lunar eclipse, you may feel an impulse to take on a leadership role within an organization or to organize a major event.

At the same time, your social media activities could take a new turn, paving the way for new followers on Instagram or posts finally made on TikTok. This social excitement reflects your natural desire to be surrounded by people as spring approaches.

So taking full advantage of this social and fun time will allow you to strengthen your bonds with your friends while exploring new possibilities for community engagement and personal expression on social networks.


For Capricorns, this full moon will highlight the need to re-evaluate their workflow.

Although your work routine may generally run smoothly in the background, this luncheon will prompt you to reconsider your ways of working and consider significant changes.

During this time, you may realize that it is imperative to find a better balance between your work and personal life. This might mean taking a well-deserved vacation or seeking help to lighten your workload. Recognizing that you may have taken on more responsibility than you can handle is a difficult first step, but your current stress level is a clear indicator that it’s time to make adjustments.

Remember that full moons are conducive to rest and reset while encouraging letting go. If that means abandoning a current project or taking time off to recuperate, don’t hesitate to use the moon’s energy as justification.


For Aquarians, the next full moon will bring a refreshing new perspective, as if you are seeing the world with renewed clarity.

If you’re feeling stuck or a little jaded, this moon phase will bring you a dose of magical inspiration.

It wouldn’t be surprising if you found yourself acting spontaneously, whether that’s booking a last-minute vacation at 3 a.m. or exploring local classes or interesting meetup groups in your area. You might be drawn to activities like yoga classes, fun workouts, or meeting up with friends, which could help you break out of a period of stagnation.

This full moon therefore encourages Aquarians to seize the opportunity to revitalize themselves and find new sources of inspiration to overcome any feelings of weariness or blockage.


Under the upcoming full moon, Pisces will be led to re-examine their financial situation.

This period will highlight money-related concerns, prompting them to take preventative measures, especially when it comes to shared finances with a partner.

If finances have been a source of tension in the relationship, it may be necessary to have an open and frank discussion with the partner regarding bills and other joint financial responsibilities.

You may decide together that financial unbundling could be beneficial, especially if it contributes to each other’s emotional well-being and satisfaction. This period will therefore offer Pisces an opportunity to clarify and reorganize their finances. While promoting open and honest communication within their relationships.

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