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The Horoscope For November 2023, The Luckiest And Least Fortunate Signs

How will November go? We’ll tell you about it here, step by step…


In November you will be very focused on work and money: try not to be stingy; offer coffee at the bar and don’t stand there counting the bronzes in the digital wallet. In love, everything is slow: avoid blocking traffic and always occupy the freest lane on the right. Remember that emergency pitches where you can get some fresh air also exist on the highway of life. Don’t hesitate to stop if necessary. Health is okay but avoid spicy food because then you know very well how it will end and that’s not the case.


Strangely, all is well in love: don’t be scared, we know you’re not used to it. If you are single, the penultimate month of the year could be perfect for new acquaintances, but on dates avoid questions about New Year’s Eve, RAL, and political sympathies. Don’t be impatient: calm is the virtue of those who want to fornicate boldly in the humid autumn months. Cover your neck well and bring a hot water bottle under the covers.


Run immediately to change the wardrobe: you desperately need decluttering for an internal liberation from the worst energies. The idea of ​​a weekend out of town is excellent, but remember to change your tires if you travel by car and bring your slippers with you as it is always unpleasant to walk barefoot on the cold floor. Love: Nothing to report (you will understand what’s new); work: it will suck up a lot of energy. Don’t let yourself be crushed; family: start thinking about the Christmas menu.


Cuddles for those in a love relationship and great stimulation of the tear ducts for singles. Nothing new: she cries. However, you try to keep your emotions under control. Christmas is approaching and you don’t have to arrive devastated at traumatic family reunions. Don’t spend unnecessary money: prefer a salad with a drop of balsamic vinegar and organic rice cakes to heavy restaurant receipts. Pull the oars in the boat: the winter is long and you are already very tired. Isn’t that right, puppies?


Giuliano Amato became president of the Parliamentary Committee on Artificial Intelligence at 85 years old. What does this teach us, dear Leos? It’s never too late to start a new adventure (keep these words in mind in November); but at the same time he also tells us that sometimes, to be taken seriously, one must not be considered out of time. How long has it been since your last hour bell rang?


Watch carefully where you put your feet, because it’s a moment to pass like insensitive bulldozers over the four-leaf clovers that life will sow on your path in the coming weeks. Venus will bring you a flood of positive energies: navigate them with grace and humility, remembering that not everyone has had a month like this. Stay light in the kitchen, remember to vacuum under the bed too, and don’t overdo it in the gym. Don’t skimp on meditation.


November should be a month full of turning points and crucial decisions. Check your brake pads and remember to give way when needed. Speaking of pills: don’t overdo it with painkillers. There is good money going around, but make sure that it is deposited in your wallet and is not swept away by a vortex of useless nonsense. Excellent time for maintenance jobs around the house; alternatively, work on your maintenance.


The rugged terrain ahead will require great patience and a little care. Downshift and even give your hair a little trim. What does that have to do with anything? Nothing, but your mother will be happy. The proverbial intensity that distinguishes you will make you defensive: try not to be so heavy, dammit! The stars are turning and better times will come for you too. Come on, this month too will pass.


My goodness, how melancholy this November, my dears! Try not to linger too long in negativity: if life hits you emotionally, smile at it in response.
At work, pay attention to details: that’s where the devil hides, the saying goes. Stay alert and continue to rely on your intuition. The sentimental sphere guarantees a fair amount of stability: don’t forget to open the windows (only the windows!) to change the stale air a bit.


The month is rich. And there could be two rhymes here: 1) …I’m stuck with it. Yes, well done, good idea. Enjoy it fully; 2) …I hang myself with it. Where “hanging” clearly means being entangled (but then the rhyme would not have been there), in trouble, overwhelmed by events. Point 1 does not exclude point 2. On the contrary. But since we are not at an Invalsi test here, let’s close the Fibonacci series and go further.
Love is okay, but without fireworks. It’s not the season, after all. I work well but bring your lunch bag.


Oh, what a frenzy! A tour of professional and personal commitments will keep you very busy. Try not to stay too late at night or your body could suffer. Some tensions creep wickedly: avoid them, this is not the time to untie knots. For single Aquarians, the search for love may continue. Don’t give up, sooner or later, with lots and lots of patience…


You will shine in your job roles like stars. Your open-mindedness (but which one?) will be greatly appreciated: you will be diplomatic and indulgent throughout the month. But try not to appear inept. November brings with it great promises: let’s hope it does like the protagonist of Ambra’s famous song, if it promises then it keeps, or looking back at December could be a little unpleasant.

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