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Three Signs Of The Zodiac With A “Stone” Heart

Not all zodiac signs are absolute sweethearts: some are ready to show you their claws, while others are completely heartless and cold. As if a piece of ice from a fairy tale about Kai and Gerda hit them right in the heart. Who are these cold and calculating zodiac signs?

Three signs of the zodiac with a “stone” heart

1. Scorpio

This sign of the zodiac does not give descent to either enemies or friends. He punishes with his indifference and anger those who are not to his liking. There is room in his heart for only a select few. The rest he just ignores or casts such a cold look that goosebumps run down his skin.

It is unlikely that you want to deal with a Scorpio, seeing him as irritable and angry.

2. Taurus

Stubborn artiodactyl Taurus is somewhat reminiscent of Scorpions in their steadfastness, but their rage is even stronger because they do not hide it.

Taurus is also characterized by jealousy, uncontrollable outbursts of anger, and coldness towards those with whom he was once in a quarrel. Do not expect mercy and forgiveness, even if the Taurus has forgiven you in words.

3. Aquarius

It would seem that Aquarius is one of the friendliest signs of the zodiac. But many also know his tendency to periodically step back and be cold towards even the most beloved and close people.

Aquarius becomes dry, indifferent, and emotionless. This sign is also very quick-witted, so after a while, Aquarius again plunges into the whirlwind of life, cheerful and light, as before.

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