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The Main Complexes And Fears Of Women Of Different Zodiac Signs

Even the strongest and most self-confident women have phobias and complexes that you may not even be aware of. You can find out about them by the Sign of the Zodiac.

Often, the fair sex carefully hides their fears and complexes, because every modern woman wants to seem strong. However, hiding your secrets from astrology will not work: some fears can be determined by the Sign of the Zodiac.


It would seem that strong Aries women cannot have fears and complexes. Usually, they are very open, temperamental, and even overly straightforward. But still, even inside an impenetrable lady, a fragile woman can hide, who is more than anything afraid of being alone.

Sometimes Aries are complex because they have character traits that are considered to be masculine: authority, and impulsiveness. In addition, they fear that a loved one can suppress their dominant nature and take the helm of the love ship into their own hands. Then the Aries woman will have to lose her leadership position, which is her biggest fear.

The main complexes and fears of women: Taurus

More than anything, Taurus women are afraid of losing their calm and stability, so they are afraid of change and rejoice when no changes occur in their lives. There is also a fear that next to them there will be too problematic and purposeless man.

Taurus women need to be paired with a successful and hardworking chosen one, next to whom they will always feel protected from the problems that other, less wealthy people often face. Although deep down they may believe that they are unworthy of their life partner, which gives rise to other complexes.


Gemini women know how to carefully hide their fears and complexes, wanting to seem strong and fearless. But Gemini has a fear of being alone. Even though they are very sociable and easily make new acquaintances, sometimes they may have the feeling that there are no truly reliable people next to them, which in itself is depressing. It is important for Gemini women to be surrounded by people who will need their presence and support, otherwise, the most important fear will immediately remind of itself.

The main complexes and fears of women: Cancer

Cancers are often complex because of their appearance. They look for flaws in their appearance, even if there is no reason for it. Their main fear is criticism, as they are very dependent on the opinions of other people and react violently and even inadequately to many words. Sometimes complexes lead to the fact that Cancer women become very stiff and uncommunicative. It happens that it is difficult for others to understand what causes the strange behavior of Cancers and their desire to hide from other people, but the fault is in complexes.


Lionesses give the impression of self-confident women, so it’s hard to believe that they can have complexes at all. Representatives of the Sign of Leo are very afraid to be “in second place” and see a potential rival in every woman. Sometimes even ugly women can cause distrust in the Lionesses: suddenly others will be able to discern in them virtues that are not inherent in the Lionesses themselves.


The desire to be an “excellent student” everywhere and in everything is characteristic of the representatives of the Virgo Sign. From here complexes appear due to shortcomings in appearance or lack of certain knowledge and skills. Virgo women strive to be the best at everything, which often leads to fear of making a mistake or not doing the job as well as it should. Natural perfectionism is to blame for this. But in general, the Virgo woman is almost always confident in her abilities and that others are unlikely to be able to compete with her.

The main complexes and fears of women: Libra

Representatives of the Libra sign strive for a calm and comfortable life and value harmony very much. But the lack of stability is their main fear.

Problems at work, financial difficulties, frequent changes of scenery – all this can be dreamed of by Libra women except in a nightmare because all this violates the balance of life, which is most important for them. In addition, Libra women are often dissatisfied with their appearance: they consider themselves not attractive enough, even if there is no reason to think so.


Despite the outward appearance of a strong woman, in the soul of the representatives of the Sign of Scorpio, they are very vulnerable and notorious. They may have complexes due to flaws in appearance, the lack of a good job, or a permanent partner.

There is an opinion that Scorpio women are proud and do things only to please themselves. Their main fear is to realize that others do not need their company and can do without their help. Sometimes their behavior is due to the fear of appearing weak.


Sagittarius women are afraid of making mistakes because it can undermine their status as ideal employees and destroy the reputation that they value most. This is because they are not mentally prepared to lose and fear this moment.

Sagittarius women are complex only if they fail to achieve a high position in society, and they are also afraid that their lover will not want to be happy for their success.

In some cases, representatives of the Sagittarius Sign have to choose between career and personal life – and this is their main fear. As a result, they can remain with a successful career, but alone.

The main complexes and fears of women: Capricorn

It is difficult for Capricorn women to find a common language with others, and all because other people consider them cold and insensitive. From the outside, it may seem that it is almost impossible to find an approach to the representative of the Sign of Capricorn because she is so busy with work that she simply does not have time for empty talk.

The lack of communication greatly undermines the confidence of Capricorn women and gives rise to complexes. In addition, they are afraid that they will not be able to find everything they need for full happiness, including a well-paid job, a strong family, and an established life.


Aquarius women always guard their personal space and are reluctant to let other people in there. The reason for this is the fear of losing freedom.

Because of this, representatives of the Aquarius Sign can be alone for a long time and be limited to only fleeting novels, for which you do not need to take on additional responsibility.

In addition, it is important for Aquarius women that others admire their work, as they want to be different from others. If the work of the Aquarius woman is unremarkable, likely, this will further undermine her self-confidence.


For many people, Pisces women are very strange, and that’s exactly what they are afraid to seem like. Their behavior is unusual, and, wanting to remain in the background, they attract even more attention.

Pisces is complex literally because of everything, starting with external flaws and ending with shortcomings in life. Perhaps this is because Pisces women secretly dream of showing their true nature, but for some reason, they are afraid to do so.

Like many women, Pisces are afraid that their lovers will deceive or fall out of love with them. But, unlike others, in Pisces, this fear is the most important. They hardly leave their comfort zone and let other people into their lives, so they are not mentally prepared for the loss.

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