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There is a tiring aspect of the nocturnal star, on this first day of the weekend… Even today you are unable to establish what circumstance you expect, even though you aspire to a different adventure! Don’t worry, if there are disagreements, in love. It will all get better soon.


The nocturnal star is in the astrological house of momentum, for you Torelli, on this first day of the weekend. Any situation related to love will proceed as you see fit. You will be considered awake by your partner. Beautiful and unexpected flattery is addressed to you if you dedicate yourself to passion.


There is a beautiful aspect of the night star, as far as you Geminis are concerned, this Saturday… Those around you will find you wide awake and you will receive thoughts and words of encouragement in every section of society you expect to challenge today! You will turn out to be winners.


This Saturday in mid-January, for you Cancerians, the Moon is in a complicated arrangement. It will be good to show the right seriousness, to be able to be amiable as usual. You don’t know how to indicate who makes you dream, and therefore you look (often, in vain.)


You can achieve great success, in the presence of those who interest you, thanks to your good way of placing yourself and with the help of your acumen. In all areas of life, without excluding those related to love, you will receive certificates of affection. They will find you smart!


The Moon is in the Finance Field for you Virgos on this weekend day. The possibility of realizing beautiful projects in the economic sphere is approaching. In the family, harmonies are renewed that had been somewhat lost since the end of 2022.


In these days, why don’t you try to take full advantage of what is on offer to you? Today there is a pleasant conjunction of the night star! There is finally the chance for a new path, in all fields of existence. Beautiful news also in the facts connected to emotional relationships.


For Scorpio, the nocturnal star passes through the House of the unconscious, in the middle of the month… Although there are people who don’t support you, you will conquer something interesting. There may be headaches. Try not to get dehydrated by drinking too much alcohol on a Saturday night!


You can enjoy a lot of luck, with who you like, with the support of your happy disposition of spirit, and with your independence… Your favorite people will find you quite intelligent and you will earn certificates of esteem in practically all the different areas of life.


A complicated position of our satellite is underway. For you to look as tantalizing as ever, a little more modesty is needed. Even though you dream of experiencing particular people, you are not able to choose who you really would like to go with!


Open-mindedness allows you to conquer points of arrival that you found complex until a few days ago… Both in sentimental and professional matters, you will discover that you are considered witty and likable. Intelligence will allow you to make great strides forward.


For you Little Fishes, the nocturnal star enters the astrological house of rejuvenation on this day. Common life will change for the better in a period when it seemed hardly imaginable. They will become simpler interpersonal relationships that have driven you, even recently, crazy.

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