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The mistake every zodiac makes when falling in love

Love doesn’t follow any rules, and many times, no matter how much we prepare, we still end up making mistakes. Some go unnoticed, others are hard to ignore, but it’s important to learn from them and, as much as possible, use them to our advantage.
What if everything we did was perfect? If every thought, every word, every gesture were flawless? What charm would everything have? Mistakes, insecurity, doubts have their purpose – they complicate our life, change it and help us learn something new all the time.
And when we fall in love we can make mistakes. Sometimes we make minor mistakes and we can get over them without worrying; other times, however, we have to remember – we put ourselves in positions that are difficult to fix and we seriously have to fix the situation.
Astrology shows us what mistakes each sign makes when they love and where we still have work to do on a sentimental level.


You don’t admit your feelings.

You hide everything inside yourself and act as if you don’t care about the person you want to meet.


You are too stubborn to make the first move yourself. You’d rather stop talking to someone than start a conversation.


You are sending mixed signals. You alternate between flirting with someone and completely ignoring them, so you never know if you are interested in that person or not.

You are too nice to those you meet. Everyone sees you as a friend because you never show your romantic side.


You are too impatient. If someone doesn’t look for you right away, give up and move on.


You are too independent. You swear you don’t need anyone and you reject the people who would suit you.


You are too detached. Even when you are with someone, you are not completely present. You think too much.


You seek to manipulate. You want to make your own way and you will do anything for it, even if you make those you are supposed to love suffer.


You are too distant. No one realizes what a wonderful partner you could be, because no one gets to really know you


You ramble all the time. You break up with the one you fell in love with, then you want to get back together and you end up clinging to someone else.


You get angry too quickly. You cut people out of your life without listening to their story. You rarely give them a chance.


You live in your own world. You prefer fictional characters to real people, so your expectations are unrealistically high.

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