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Zodiac Sign Taurus. Why Do We Love Taurus, What Is Special About Them?

The zodiac sign Taurus falls on the period from April 21 to May 21. People born under this sign are quite quiet, except for those moments when others push on them and try to gain power over them. And they won’t accept it.

They are patronized by Mars – the planet responsible for the manifestation of passion, movement, and militancy, in terms of spirituality. She controls energy and strength and transfers the corresponding qualities to Taurus.

Why We Love Taurus

1. Loyal

Taurus are very loyal personalities and extremely self-confident. They will never challenge someone else’s idea unless they have their own.

2. Stubborn

Their stubbornness serves as an example for lazy people. If they do not agree with you on something, then you will not expect anything from them. Do not even hope!

But if they decide to undertake some business, they will show an excellent example to others. They can be admired because they are not stubborn. When this zodiac wants something, it is quite difficult to shake it.

3. They love comfort

Convenience and comfort for them is the most important thing. He longs and strives to achieve material well-being, and is ready to fight hard for this. This Sign knows how to make others want more from life.

4. Realists

This is by far one of the most realistic zodiac signs. He dropped his rose-colored glasses as a child. Taurus will always act by reality, taking into account what is important.

Does not pay attention to the perception of other people, and listens more to himself. These are not empty dreamers.

5. Great sense of humor

He has a good sense of humor even when he is very angry. Knows how to tell serious things from jokes and always knows what to say. He has a special way of speaking, quite funny and resourceful.

6. Polite

In a love relationship, he is quite courteous, attentive, and polite with his soulmate. This is what makes Taurus so charming.

Knows how to get out of trouble and resolve conflict. Knows how to intelligently smooth corners and this, of course, is a very valuable skill.

This representative of the zodiac constellation knows how to please his loved one, how to pamper and surprise. Therefore, his partner always remains satisfied and not deprived of attention.

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