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A Difficult Period Begins For 7 Signs Of The Zodiac Until January 2

The influence of Mercury retrograde is felt differently among individuals, giving rise to conflicts, misunderstandings, and irritations within relationships. This period can also disrupt plans, with canceled events, delayed flights, and postponed plans. Additionally, Mercury Retrograde can impair our ability to think and make decisions, leading to difficulty expressing our thoughts, analyzing situations, and making crucial decisions. Find out what impact it will have on your astrological sign.

How will Mercury retrograde impact your zodiac sign?


Aries may find it difficult to make decisions under the influence of Mercury Retrograde. It is crucial not to fear risks and not to dwell on difficulties. By adopting this approach, you will attract good luck and be able to celebrate the New Year safely.


Taurus, you are lucky! Mercury Retrograde probably shouldn’t have any impact on you. However, don’t rely too much on luck, as this could lead to emotional instability.


During this period, Geminis are advised to avoid conflicts and irritating situations. Succumbing to Mercury’s influence could cause problems. Stay calm and try not to get carried away by nervousness.


Cancers need to be willing to see the world from a new perspective. Illusions will fall away, offering an unfiltered view of situations. These changes will influence future events, and you will need to be ready, as they can work in your favor or against you!


For Leos, Mercury Retrograde will manifest with mood swings and irritability. People will say one thing and do something completely different around you. Leo, try to control yourself and get through this period in peace.


Virgo-sign individuals may encounter obstacles in communication. The exchanges will be sharp, each word being perceived with hostility. To overcome this irritability, favor serenity, control yourself, and follow your intuition to guide your actions.


During this period, Libra are advised to take their time. Avoid hasty decisions, and do not end relationships or projects impulsively. Stop, breathe, and step back.


Scorpio, you must control yourself as a priority. During the period of Mercury retrograde, you will constantly have the urge to make major decisions, speak strong words, and act impulsively. Don’t conclude without understanding the situation, and avoid unnecessary conflicts.


Sagittarius, get ready to unleash your creative potential. Mercury will offer you an abundance of creative inspiration. You will want to stand out to attract attention. The main thing is to know when to stop.


During this time, try to be more attentive and focused. Mercury Retrograde can affect your thinking, slowing it down and making you more distracted at work. Don’t worry, this period is temporary.


Aquarius, it is time to reconsider your life. Freshen up your home, and sort through your belongings. Reconsider your worldview, your attitude towards different situations, and your circle of friends. Don’t get carried away, let things unfold calmly.


For Pisces, this period will be unstable, especially financially. This may be due to the hustle and bustle of New Year’s festivities or other circumstances. The main thing is not to jump to conclusions and avoid unnecessary expenses.

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