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The Most “Difficult” Women In The Zodiac Who Are Not Made For The Role Of A Wife

Astrology, although not entirely “scientific”, can explain a lot in matters of relationships between people. We have already told how, from the point of view of belonging to one or another zodiac sign, beautiful ladies choose men, why people can decide to cheat, and what traits in their character are the most repulsive. And there are real rebels with whom life is like a rollercoaster. What signs of the zodiac are not ready to become exemplary and obedient wives and why they can break off relations

The most “difficult” women in the zodiac

1. Capricorn

Stubborn Capricorns love the reliability and forward movement. It is not easy for them to come to terms with life changes, moreover, to be in the role of a follower. Representatives of this sign are devoted wives and mothers, but their patience is not unlimited. They defend their rights: it is almost impossible to force such women to obey.

In the first place for the Capricorn wife is her goals and interests, she will not change to please someone. If even a beloved spouse interferes with her freedom, she is very likely to “revise her schedule.”

2. Pisces

Pisces are, for the most part, creative adventurers. Although they are ready to give everything for the sake of family happiness, sometimes representatives of this sign are very capricious. In their lives, the first role is assigned to creativity, which should be accepted, understood, and praised.

They will not stand idle for hours at the stove and polish the floors to a shine, but they will find thousands of ways to make children learn and develop, and at the same time their fathers.

Pisces are often influenced from the outside and are quite capable of leading a double life. They love secrets and can hide their addictions and interests on the side for a long time. Often, Pisces are more to blame for the breakup of relationships than their partners, but they do not realize this because of the atmosphere of chaos they are accustomed to creating.

3. Taurus

As long as stability and comfort reign in the life of the Taurus woman who loves luxury, she will be gentle and flexible. She is ready to work hard so that the family has all the best. But as soon as the slightest shadow flickers over her financial well-being, she will immediately turn from a smiling beauty fluttering between beauty salons and fashion boutiques into an angry fury.

Taurus is loyal and devoted, but they can’t stand boredom. Sensual pleasures are just as important to them as material ones, so their partners need to try to keep them around.

4. Libra

Libra needs balance. They cannot be led in a relationship, because they value their freedom, as well as the understanding that they are more loved in a couple. The slightest attempt at coercion makes them seek harmony, and often the only possible way out for them is parting. At the same time, they are sweet, romantic, and usually set up for a long-term relationship.

Confrontation is not for them: Libra will not waste energy on resuscitation of a hopeless marriage, in which they are asked for more than they are willing to give, because the preservation of their own “I” is much more important.

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