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When Will The Last Supermoon Of 2023 Happen: What Not To Do On This Fateful Day?

At the end of September, we will be able to observe the last supermoon of this year. On this day, the moon will be as close as possible to the Earth – and will influence our actions and emotions even more than usual.

The moon continuously rotates around the Earth, so every month we can observe its presence in different phases: new moon, full moon, waxing, and waning. These periods fit into one lunar month, which usually lasts 29.5 days.

Occasionally, the distance between the Earth and the Moon noticeably decreases. At such moments, we can observe a supermoon – a full moon, which, due to a visual illusion, appears much larger and closer than usual. In addition, at this time the moon may change color: and become covered with a reddish-orange or golden haze. This is probably why in earlier times supermoons were always endowed with special power and influence on people’s lives.

There are 4 supermoon periods in 2023, all in a very short period. The first supermoon this year was observed on July 3, the second time the phenomenon occurred on August 1, and the third time the supermoon occurred on August 31. On September 29, the final supermoon of this year will appear in the sky.

From a scientific point of view, a supermoon is an extraordinary astronomical phenomenon that is interesting to observe. But astrologers consider the supermoon also an ambiguous event that should be treated with caution.

Astrologers often call the supermoon a “fiery full moon.” During this period, the moon will move from the sign of Pisces to the sign of Aries, which is considered the most impulsive sign of the zodiac. Any full moon affects our emotions: but a supermoon can have an even stronger impact on our mood and energy.

If you believe the lunar calendar, someone on this day may feel a complete breakdown. Others, on the contrary, may feel a surge – but run the risk of being exhausted and overexpending energy, while doing many times fewer useful tasks than they expected.

During the last supermoon of 2023, astrologers advise not to start big things and avoid contact with people with whom there is a misunderstanding. It is best to free up more time for passive rest on September 29th. At the same time, you should carefully monitor your diet: junk food and drinks can put even more stress on the body, which also deprives you of strength and energy.

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