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The Most Intolerant Signs Of The Zodiac. Who Is The Most Difficult?

Tolerance is something that some zodiac signs are more familiar with than others. Tolerance seems to go away as soon as things start to go wrong in a relationship. Some signs are made to break down faster under pressure, while others will show their tolerant side if their relationship is subjected to difficulties. Using astrology, we will break it all down for you, dear friends. Who, according to the horoscope, is the least tolerant, and who, on the contrary, is prudence and tolerance itself?

The most intolerant signs of the zodiac

How tolerant are you when it comes to relationship problems? The list starts with the most tolerant and ends with the most intolerant.
The most tolerant sign of the zodiac is  Libra. Yes, they will do anything to keep the relationship going instead of being alone or rocking the boat. Because even though they may get into confrontations, they like it when their relationship is a fight-free zone.

Next on our list is  Cancer dear to our hearts. He is a gentle person when you give him your heart and he will put up with a lot in the name of love. He appreciates family ties and home comfort.

We then come to another water sign and that is  Pisces. They firmly believe in the unifying and healing properties of romance and love that conquer all. Therefore, they are always very tolerant, even when their little love boat gets into choppy, shark-infested waters.

Next on the list is  Capricorn. Its ability, like its namesake, the mountain goat, is to withstand hostile conditions. His penchant for strategic and long-term thinking helps him a lot to maintain a reasonable level of tolerance and that is why he is quite high on our list. Still 4th place!

5th place in our review of the least tolerant zodiac signs is occupied by another earth sign,  Taurus. As we all know, Taureans have endless patience combined with the fact that when they form bonds of love, they can be equally flexible and unbreakable in a relationship. Everything depends on the situation.

Scorpio takes 6th place. He is known for his steadfastness and lack of response to knee jerks)) This is because he consists of more strict ideas. He will not budge at the first difficulty, he will stand his ground if he is right about it. But, he will listen to your arguments if you are important to him.

Gemini and  Virgo take 7th and 8th places. Why is that? Because they are both ruled by the cunning Mercury, a planet that endows them with a superior logic that increases tolerance and understanding for these zodiac signs. This helps them not to let all the little destructive thoughts and feelings get in the way and ruin the relationship. They try to be balanced and logical.

Now we are in the zone of least tolerance, and it begins with Sagittarius. Sagittarius is known to take action when things get tough, and by action, we mean galloping out the door! Any problem in a relationship makes Sagittarius run away from responsibility and far away from quarrels and disputes. Somewhere where they won’t touch it. But before that, he, too, can yell at his partner to his heart’s content.

The most intolerant signs of the zodiac. Rating

Now we come to two more opposite signs, Leo and Aquarius. Leos are consistent in many areas of their lives, but they may have a shorter margin of tolerance. They tend to take things personally, especially when the other half doesn’t feel exactly the way they do. This infuriates Leo, because how can you feel something differently?

While Aquarius is a little different, they can be a little intolerant of other people’s hesitations or insecurities. Isn’t that right, Aquarius? You get the impression that people should pull themselves together. It is simply impossible to rub those who constantly doubt something, and for Aquarians this is intolerable. Perhaps they do not want to behave this way, but they cannot do otherwise.

And now we come to the most tolerant of all the signs of the Zodiac, this is Aries! He is too impatient to be patient. If you are already in a close relationship with him, then accept him as he is, or better say goodbye.

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