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The 4 Most Indecisive Zodiac Signs

4 most indecisive signs of the zodiac. Each decision is very difficult for them, and such behavior can be very annoying for others. That I even want to shout: “Yes, finally make a decision!”

You probably have a person among your acquaintances who always says: “Definitely maybe, we’ll see … It’s quite possible, yes … Although, no.” Brrr! Yes, accept OK you, finally, decision!

Such people either cannot, or simply do not take on any responsibilities. Any attempt to deal with or rely on them can result in complete disappointment.

Unfortunately, the stars below have not endowed the stars with the ability to make quick and firm decisions.

The 4 Most Indecisive Zodiac Signs


Representatives of this sign are always weighing options. The problem is that they can’t stop in time. In every aspect of their lives, representatives of this constellation continually evaluate all the pros and cons, being unable to come to a final decision due to self-doubt.

They can be compared to a friend who can quit smoking at any moment but is worried that this will lead to weight gain. So she thinks what is worse: to gain a few extra pounds or lung cancer in the future. Madness!


The main reason a Gemini can’t collect his thoughts is because of the intense fear of missing out. For these people, making a decision means giving up all other options. But the biggest frustrating thing is not how difficult it is for Gemini to focus, but how often they change their minds.

The only thing you can be sure of in a relationship with Gemini is that they will change their mind and outplay everything!


Hint: if you want Sagittarius to make a decision, you should limit your options as much as possible. It is the awareness of other options that is the root cause of Sagittarius’ indecision.

They are very impulsive people, and even after they seem to have made their choice, at the sight of a new opportunity, they suddenly begin to say: “No, I want it!”. Any lost profit leads to regrets on their part.


Pisces tend to be accused of distraction and avoiding problems. However, sometimes this is the result of the peculiarities of their decision-making process. Developed intuition forces Pisces to always rely on their inner voice when making important decisions. But sometimes this subtle voice in their head does not respond to an incoming request.

And if Pisces does not hear an instinctive answer, she goes into a mode of avoiding problems, avoiding any solutions until she gets the right “answer”.

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