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The Most Loving Men According To The Sign Of The Zodiac. Is Yours Among Them?

Often one hears such questions: “Men of which zodiac signs are the most loving?”, “Who is the coldest and most indifferent?”. Of course, there cannot be a single correct answer, but we have compiled a rating of men and told how they show their attitude towards a woman, what actions they are capable of, and how to understand that this particular man deserves your attention.

Becoming a Leo, TaurusScorpio, or anyone else, we will inherit some qualities inherent in these signs that determine our inclinations, and give the rudiments of character, but – mind you! – do not become the only component of such a complex structure as the human psyche.

The most loving men according to the sign of the Zodiac. Let the stars give people certain qualities, but this does not mean at all that by doing so we are limited in the means and power of expressing our feelings.  While reading the article, compare your observations with those given here and, if you find curious matches or categorical discrepancies, be sure to share in the comments: this will be useful for further research in the field of astrology.

Most loving men by zodiac sign


The status of the most romantic sign of the Zodiac deservedly has Cancers. Is it possible to identify such men at the top of the rankings? Like everywhere, it has its pros and cons. From their position, based on the depth of mental anguish and judging by the amount of attention shown, Cancers are the undisputed leaders in this area of ​​human relationships. However, not all so simple.

It should be understood that not every woman needs precisely those signs of attention that the Cancer man pays to her, and he, with all his sensitivity, may not notice her real needs. But many women believe that it is Cancer who is the most loving man according to the sign of the zodiac.

Nevertheless, for the most part, it is Cancers who embody the very archetypal image of a romantic admirer, who is rightly called both a fan who has lost his head and the most sincere lover. And yet keep your eyes open – make sure that the Cancer man revels in you, and not his feelings for you. How was your relationship with the Cancers? Have you noticed how much more romantic they are than representatives of other signs of the Zodiac?


The most loving men according to the zodiac sign. Many women will agree that representatives of this zodiac sign are one of the most ardent lovers. And yet, does that make them loving? Yes. Many women need just such a life partner: confident, strong, exuding power and magnificence. Of coursenot all that glitter is gold, and many will consider Lviv to be selfish, but such men are selfish only until they meet the woman they consider worthy of themselves.

If you are lucky enough to be Leo’s chosen one, you will make sure that his egoism from that moment on has ceased to be a personal privilege, and now has become a way to single out the two of you as a couple that has advantages over the whole world around. Well, if you attracted Leo, then he will shower you with blessings and attention, and the representatives of this sign know how to take care of you like a king.
Have you managed to achieve such a level of mutual sympathy with the Lions? Or do these men seem to you to be overly proud and completely devoid of a romantic streak?


The third in this ranking, but quite capable of arguing for the first place in terms of the level of romanticism, was Aquarius. In fact, like their sign, there is no original romantic guide, and they orient their love vector according to what their beloved makes them feel.

Can we say that they are the most loving men according to the sign of the Zodiac? You decide.

In other words, Aquarius men consciously adjust to you, trying to fulfill any of your wishes that they learned about. Someone will perceive such behavior as insincere, but this is a delusion.

It’s just that Aquarians think first of all about your needs, and not about their own. This contrasts them with signs such as Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn, or Taurus.

Meanwhile, not every woman wants to see a male performer next to her, because some love to obey, so such  submissive” love for them can be perceived as something uninteresting.

Write, did Aquarius manage to find those very threads in communication with you that would make you feel the power of their love?


Aries men not only have every reason to be in the top four, but they can even compete with other contenders for the first place.

As mentioned earlier, everyone shows love in different ways, and the strategy of Aries is very similar to what Lions do: they try to present themselves from the most favorable angles, brag, and show the best sides of their character.

However, Aries are also very attentive to women. They are serious about your needs and wishes, although they do not elevate them to an absolute with fanaticism, sometimes inherent in Aquarius.

For many women, Aries is an ideal loving partner, because he manages to harmoniously combine the best qualities of many signs of the zodiac: he is strong, sensual, confident, attentive, and caring.

Often women speak of their Aries men as ideal, but here you should remain objective because, for all of us, a loved one looks perfect.

However, everyone has flaws, and not every woman needs exactly what Aries can give her.

It happened to hear the opinion that the representatives of this sign are unilinear in their attitude – as you can guess, the representatives of those signs that need regular emotional shake-ups – Scorpions, responded.

However, this is only a special case, since for the most part both signs are perfectly compatible with each other due to mutual passion.

And what can you say about your communication with Aries? Did you manage to build the perfect union? If not, what hindered it? When writing a comment, do not forget to mention your zodiac sign.


Libra is very democratic in relationships. They do not require unquestioning obedience and do not allow themselves to be controlled, advocating complete equality in the family. For many women, this option is ideal, and therefore it is fair to place Libra here, just above the middle of this very conditional rating.

As you know, feminism had different degrees of its manifestation – from radical to very symbolic. In its most average expression – in the social sphere – it will just have the most fertile ground in alliance with Libra.

You will never be reproached for being a woman who does not have the right to interfere in a topic that does not concern you, but they will never make concessions for reasons that you are a representative of the weaker sex. Everyone invests in the family in the same way – the main thesis that characterizes the majority of men belonging to this zodiac sign.

Considering how many women do not have enough of such a name, striving to raise their partner on the same level as themselves everywhere, men, Libra looks like an ideal life partner. As for romance, there will be no shortage of it.

Even in the intimate sphere, this propensity of Libra for beautiful and loving deeds is projected.

Have you noticed that Libra is more romantic than other signs? Based on the 10th scale, how strong is the degree of your mutual understanding with representatives of this zodiac sign, and who are you according to the horoscope?


Gemini is a sign of impermanence, and therefore reviews of their activities in the field of love relationships are very different. Of course, the answer lies in astrology, which explains that contradiction is one of the main features that govern the representatives of this zodiac sign.

In this regard, it is very difficult to give some kind of exhaustive description that could reflect the average behavior of Gemini men in the love sphere.

It’s fair to say that Gemini makes a favorable impression on women. At the same time, representatives of this zodiac sign are very amorous, so at first, the relationship looks like a meeting of two halves, inspired by mutual feelings.

However, the Gemini is windy and fickle, and therefore they have a lot of broken hearts on their account – and broken ones not out of malice, but only because of their inability to prevail over the aspirations of the unbridled elements of the wind.

It is almost impossible to force Gemini into seriousness, but this very boyish lightness fascinates many women so much. Being close to the men of this zodiac sign, it is very easy to experience romantic euphoria and love of life.

Did you manage to get along with the spontaneity of Gemini? What steps did you take to reach an understanding?


Pisces men are very reminiscent of Gemini in their inconsistency. Their behavior is just as difficult to predict, and their actions are just as difficult to explain. Communicating with Pisces, you often feel like a person who has recently lost his memory, because you cannot remember what provoked the current mood of your partner.

Do not strain yourself, you have nothing to do with it because such is the property of Pisces: they are fickle and cannot explain to themselves the motives that control them. But at the same time, these men are very attractivethey have the strongest charisma.

Inconstancy and internal conflicts only add spice to your relationship. Women often say that they are attracted to this male willfulness, which they interpret as a complex device of the inner world – and they are often right about this.

This is not to say that Pisces are ideal partners or romantic lovers, but they have a little bit of everything. The ambiguity of character does not allow putting them at the top or the very bottom of the rating – only somewhere in the middle.

It is very interesting to know your experience with Pisces. What difficulties arose? Did you manage to overcome them? Share.


Capricorns are reserved in life and demanding in love. Often these are respectable men who know exactly what they want – and such confidence attracts women. But it should be noted that many Capricorns do not try in any way to correspond to what they claim. They will tell with an authoritative air what should”, but when asked what they offer her, they will most likely answer: “Themselves”.

As in the case of any other sign of the Zodiac, there are no  pure” Capricorns, because there are no references to sanguine or choleric people, but the qualities described above are inherent in most of these men.

It would be fair to accuse Capricorns of selfishness, because of which it is very difficult for men born under this zodiac sign to fall in love with someone without making an effort.

Nevertheless, confidence often comes into their handsand many women think: “If he behaves this way, then he probably has the right to do so.”

It is not so difficult to get used to the quirks of Capricorns, and in everyday life and family life, they are quite adequate people who, after setting priorities, responsibilities, and family statuses, do not cause problems for partners.

Write about your impressions of the relationship with Capricorns. Have you managed to build a strong alliance?


The most loving men according to the sign of the zodiac. Taurus does not give the impression of skillful lovers and does not have incredible natural charm. Their main weapon is perseverance, and if fate so happened that you became the object of attention of Taurus, then be sure that he will make a lot of effort to win your favor.

He can be a very inventive boyfriend if circumstances so require, or he will prefer to follow the classic line of behavior in amorous affairs. But stay vigilant: for all their virtues, Taurus are terrible egoists.

A woman for them is a means of satisfying needs, and this consumer attitude is in the blood of representatives of this zodiac sign.

When entering into a relationship with Taurus, you can become something of a thing to use as the need arises, if you do not indicate your role in your union in time. Most Taurus have dulled natural sensitivity, and therefore it is difficult for them to become good boyfriends.

Are there any among you who managed to build a long and happy relationship with a Taurus? Can you call your partner romantic?


Scorpios are a complex sign. He is not controversial, like Gemini or Pisces, but astrologers always have difficulty when they try to speak out about him.

The fact is that in the psychology of such people, there are multi-level and intricate processes, because of which Scorpios often do not what they say, or say not what they then do.

In this regard, one cannot judge Scorpios by their actions, and relationships completely turn into a boiling cauldron, where rage and passion boil equally.

Scorpio is a wonderful seducer, and his charm alone would be enough to get first place in this ranking, but objectivity should be maintained since the intention to build a relationship with Scorpio is not a spiritual urge, but a real temptation, and those who are subjected to it, known to risk dooming their lives to suffering.

It is difficult to get along with the requests of Scorpios, and if you are not ready to shoulder a heavy burden, beware of the men of this sign: they will love you but in a very peculiar way.

And how difficult was your path of rapprochement with Scorpio?


Sagittarians give the impression of very romantic natures, and, in principle, this is true. Only their romance is short-lived. They want to love everyone and always, which is why they are known as the most unfaithful husbands.

Relations with representatives of this zodiac sign can bring a lot of disappointment, and think thrice before saying yes to him.

This does not mean that it is impossible to create a strong alliance with Sagittarius but this initiative will require very great efforts both on your part and willful efforts from a partner who resists the temptations instilled in him at the time of birth.

Sagittarius can love – purely, sincerely, even all his life, but be prepared that at one terrible moment, he will need to pay attention to someone else.

Such a property cannot characterize the representatives of this zodiac sign as the most loving men. And although such a threat remains only a probability, within the framework of this conditional rating, Sagittarius is given the penultimate place.

Tell us in the comments about Sagittarius in your life. Perhaps you have long been happily married to a representative of this zodiac sign.


The most loving men according to the sign of the zodiac. It would be wrong to call Virgos people who are not loving or devoid of emotions, but their sensual world is immersed somewhere very deep, where it is incredibly difficult to penetrate.

Representatives of this zodiac sign are cautious and detached from others. Trying to see loving men in them, you run the risk of not noticing anything. It will take a long time to kindle their romantic qualities in Virgos, push them to independent steps, and be more open to you.

Only the most attentive, capable of catching the most subtle love vibes of a woman can distinguish attractive partners in Virgo, who, in gratitude, will show sincere reciprocity to them.

If you managed to stimulate ardent signs of attention and active manifestations of love in Virgo men, please tell us about your experience.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, this rating is a convention, intended only to characterize general trends – moreover, the trends are visible, so to speak, external manifestations of male attention.

In no case should you proceed from these recommendations when choosing a partner, since they are the theoretical basis of astrology, which, although corrected by many years of experience, cannot be used as a guide for your relationship.

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