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The Most Poisonous Love Unions Of The Zodiac Signs

The most poisonous love unions of the zodiac signs. At first, they may adore each other, but then life begins. Even in a relationship between two loving people, a crack sometimes grows, and this happens because they are simply not suitable for each other. Compatibility is, first of all, understanding and recognition of each other’s needs.

People in a relationship can agree or disagree on a variety of issues, but be that as it may, it is important to respect the partner’s decisions. There are zodiac signs that can be quite toxic when combined. Pay attention to these 6 combinations.

The most poisonous love unions of the zodiac signs:

Leo and Cancer

The meeting of these signs can hardly end in something good. While Cancers expect their connection with a partner to be deep and soulful, Leo is in the grip of constant insecurity, which destroys his love mood.

The extreme emotional variability of Leo – an instant transition from caring to excessive criticality – scares off a partner. Cancers, being gentle people, take all this to heart, and the outbursts of anger that they use as their defense mechanism bring relationships to naught.

Capricorn and Aquarius

Capricorn and Aquarius are known for their determination, and it is this trait that draws them to each other (as well as pulling them apart). While Capricorns are ready to put their all into a love union, Aquarians manage relationships as practices.

This disposition turns Aquarius into the dominant side of relationships, and Capricorn into the dependent side, which has to prove its worth all the time. In the end, their determined intention to correct each other with the help of kicks either becomes the cause of a violent quarrel, or the reason for the departure of one of the partners, whose nerves simply cannot stand it.

Virgo and Gemini

You either live life in dreams or do practical things. That is why these two radically different worldviews will not be able to coexist side by side for a long time. While Geminis are dreamy natures, Virgos are emotionally distant people who try to find practical solutions to any issue.

Their relationship has no chance of success, as Virgos can simply leave in difficult times, leaving Gemini with a broken heart. Simply put, Virgos get fed up that Gemini prefers to hide from problems in the cocoon of their fantasies while they work to act practically.

Libra and Taurus

They are like mirrors; representatives of these signs are very similar, they even have some kind of telepathic connection. Both not only love but adore each other, so even the thought of separation seems unbearable to them. At first, these signs enjoy the relationship, but later they start to just suffocate.

Taurus’ stubbornness and Libra’s desperate desire to be right all the time put the final nail in the coffin of their relationship. They know and understand each other well, but they are simply not able to satisfy all the requirements that both make in this union.

Scorpio and Pisces

This is a deadly combination, as both signs are extremely emotional and suspicious. When it comes to expressing love, Scorpios get reckless.

The fire of passion eventually burns everything, leaving a pile of ashes that can only be mourned. Pisces live in their cosmic world, and the suspicious Scorpio constantly strangles, gradually destroying love and trust.

Sagittarius and Cancer

These two signs of the Zodiac, are not only to enter into a relationship but should not even come close to each other. While Cancers cannot give a definite answer, Sagittarians, acting as contenders for a hand and heart, literally explode from the inside with impatience.

Sagittarians strive to overtake life itself, while Cancers, no matter how much the world around them changes, remain calm. Sagittarians value sexual connection more, and Cancers dream of establishing deep emotional contact, and this imbalance eventually leads to a breakdown in the relationship.

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