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The Whole World Is A Theater: Masks Worn By Zodiac Signs

Find out what’s hidden under the mask!


A strict teacher. Capricorns always have everything under control, they always know what’s best, they are confident in themselves, and they don’t give a damn about your opinion. But it’s better not to show Capricorn that you don’t care about him either. Because under the mask a little stupid goat is hiding, who is very afraid that someone will think badly of him.


Wise clown. Aquarius is an inexhaustible source of optimism, to which all sorts of consumptives fall, the main zodiac merry fellow, the jester, who is always ready with useful advice and a flawlessly working mantra: “Everything will be fine, I found out!” And inside Aquarius, there is decay, hopelessness, pestilence, famine, plague, and the fires of the Holy Inquisition, which Aquarius is afraid to fall into.


Tender princesses. Helpless, unadapted to life, fragile creatures that need to be protected, cared for, cherished, and maintained, of course. Pisces is a rare sign whose mask is almost indistinguishable from the real face. The mask just can’t, but Pisces doesn’t want to. Because they are lazy.


Battleship Potemkin. Strong, assertive, stubborn. They break other people’s spines with their armor-piercing foreheads, laughing infernally. Danger! Keep out! Truly, truly so! If you get under the mask of Aries, you will most likely be trampled by a herd of unicorns galloping at full speed to drink at the rainbow stream. Yes, Aries believes in all this.


Miss Congeniality. He knows everything, can do everything, and does everything better than anyone else. Moreover, he does not hesitate to tell others about this (even those who did not ask anything of the kind). The Taurus mask runs ahead of Taurus himself, knocking down closed doors with his horns and bellowing victoriously. The most outstanding achievement in the life of a true Taurus is the ability to overcome the bear disease. That is, Taurus is still afraid of everything, from bad weather to public speaking, but at least they don’t throw off the ballast when they hear their neighbor on the tram sneeze.


Two-faced Janus. Geminis are usually considered to have dual natures, which, of course, is not the case: there are not two personalities, but at least twenty-two, but Geminis always choose a couple of antagonists for their mask. And under no circumstances should you believe this. Because under the mask there is always only one person who currently owns Gemini. And, frankly speaking, you may not be lucky. Especially if you came to Janus from the direction of the world, hehe.


Mother Teresa. Everything is for family and friends, not a crumb for yourself. Yes, and give yourself too to your family and friends – without a trace (of course, no one asks your family and friends if they need such happiness for free and without SMS). Cancers are very selfish (yes, they just like to bring down and tame their loved ones) and, by the way, are not averse to vanity. That is, if Cancer becomes famous, he still won’t abandon his people, of course, but in general Cancer didn’t hire himself out to sit in a shell all his life, so you know.


U – success. As well as vanity, pride, and ambition. Strictly speaking, this is not a mask at all, Lions are like that. It’s just that everyone around for some reason believes that behind the image of the king of life, there is a timid and gentle kitten hiding. And here are the figurines! There, under the mask, there is even more vanity, contempt for losers, and confidence in one’s greatness. But if you are allowed to dig even deeper, then there is a cat, yes. Take care of your slippers!


Her Holiness. No, not at all in the sense that Virgo is ideal and infallible. It’s just that Virgo, as a rule, plays the role of a universal confessor to whom you can tell your most secret things, a good friend who will always give wise advice and a free psychoanalyst into whom you can cry. Oh, how subtly she feels! Virgo doesn’t feel anything at all. Well, except for complacency about the fact that she saw through you right away: you are an idiot like everyone else.


Cute cat. Yes, anyone can offend an artist! Libras on the outside are reverent, tender, vulnerable, and emotional. Fragile creatures, completely devoid of skin: touch them and they will break. At the same time, they are innocent – kind, faithful, and humane. Under this mask hide extremely cynical creatures and standard manipulators of human souls and carcasses. In general, it’s true that seals: first torture a mouse, and only then do they eat it.


A ruthless puppeteer and a grise eminence. Alarm! Don’t stand under the arrow! Especially if Scorpio is of the opposite sex because they are also the main heartthrobs of the zodiac. In general, wherever you poke at Scorpio, you will run into a sting. Scorpios are the most faithful partners, the most devoted and reliable friends, and generally the standard of nobility. True, it is only possible to tear off the mask of a cruel monster from them with the help of heavy equipment.


Life player. Everything is easy, everything seems to be untrue, and everything is as if there are still 9 lives left, like a cat. And not one is ever lost because Sagittarians never lose. Which in essence can even be considered true – from the point of view of others. And from the point of view of Sagittarius, they lost even before they sat down at the gaming table. Because at this table all the people are like people, only Sagittarius does not understand what he is doing here. And why the hell can’t he be like everyone else, just normal, huh?

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