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The Most Unfaithful Sign Of The Zodiac. Honest Rating.

The most incorrect sign of the zodiac: who is he? We will not divide the infidels into men and women, but simply compile the most truthful rating of traitors in the world according to the signs of the Zodiac. Do you want to know who comes first? Wait a bit now you will find out who he is – the most wrong sign.

5th place – Leo

Leos don’t cheat as long as they’re happy with everything. That is, as long as they are properly praised and adored. The problem is that it is impossible to increase the degree of admiration for Leo forever and sooner or later Leo will decide that two admirers are better than one. And three is better than two. Better yet, ten!

After all, the main thing is not the main thing – so that everyone around knows how enchantingly loving Leo is and quietly envious. Rrr!

4th place – Gemini

Gemini does not attach any importance to fidelity because the main rule of Gemini’s life is “to hell with the rules!”.

Geminis do not tolerate restrictions, especially in their personal lives. However, Gemini rarely has permanent lovers. Because impermanence is the second name of Gemini.

3rd place – Cancer

And suddenly again! The top three are closed by quiet, shy, romantic, gentle, and very, very family Cancers. Which just as quietly shyly and romantically regularly go to the left.

It seems to us that in this way they restore balance in the universe: Cancers must also have some flaws!

2nd place – Aries

Aries need not just all the best Aries need an ideal. The problem is that if you find the ideal and look at it for a long time, you can find a bunch of flaws. And that’s it! All! Start over!

1st place – Sagittarius

Here! Here he is the most unfaithful most fickle sign of the zodiac! Do you know why Sagittarians get married and get married 5-6 times or more?

No, not because the spouses can not stand the betrayal of Sagittarius, but because Sagittarius is bored with cheating on the same person all his life.

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