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The Most Vulnerable Soul According To The Sign Of The Zodiac

The most vulnerable soul according to the sign of the zodiac. The one who takes everything to heart. We all look at the world differently. Someone too close to the heart takes everything that happens around and may be offended even because of every little thing.

Others are somewhat indifferent, and few will hurt or hurt them, even if they try. And how does your zodiac sign behave when he is offended? And, more interestingly, who is the most touchy?

The Most Vulnerable Soul According To The Sign Of The Zodiac:

Perhaps you already know the answer yourself. But first on the list is Cancer.  Representatives of this sign have a very subtle mental organization. You need to treat them with care and show a sense of tact because Cancers are very vulnerable.

Touchy and other water signs: Pisces and Scorpios. But unlike their brothers, the latter can pose a threat to those who offended them.

This sign is very vindictive, they can hatch a plan of retribution for years, so it’s better not to anger them once again. Cancers and Pisces are more forgiving and rarely return evil for evil.

Aries also react strangely.  If someone offended them, they become explosive and flare up with such anger that the offender’s knees begin to shake. True, this sign cools down very quickly and can continue to communicate with a person, if, of course, he has not yet given up.

Leo can be offended by the fact that they are neglected,  not given due attention, and their dignity is underestimated. In this case, representatives of this sign cross out such people from their lives.

Emotional Sagittarius will blow the mind of the offender with their notations and showdown: now you will think a hundred times before saying something to this fiery sign.

“Mundane” Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus are not offended as often as others.  But if someone managed to hurt them, they will conclude for themselves about this person, reacting not emotionally, but rationally.

Despite all the “airiness” of Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini, you should also be on the alert with them.  They are touchy. And Libra, in general, even after many years, does not forget how they were offended.

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