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The Relationship Between Dad And Child According To The Signs Of The Zodiac

The relationship between dad and child according to the signs of the zodiac. Dad and child are forever bound together by a special energy. Today you can learn how astrology affects the relationship between fathers and children. After all, the date of our birth determines 85% of our future character. We will conduct some kind of psychological analysis that will allow us to identify what kind of dad a particular zodiac sign can be and what kind of children they get along best with.

The relationship between dad and child according to the signs of the zodiac:

“Fiery” dads and children according to the zodiac – compatibility

Signs of the zodiac with the element of fire have a strong spirit, high intelligence, and ambition. “Fiery” dads are brave, warlike, and self-confident, but very careless and quick-tempered.

• Aries is a dad who expects unconditional obedience. Daughters quickly find dad’s weak points, but sons feel pressure. Slow children of “earthly” signs do not suit Aries.

• Leo  – such a dad will be the “king” in the house. Children for him are a kind of subject. The Scorpio child knows how to manipulate such a dad. Such a dad will not understand the desire of Pisces and Cancers at all.

• Sagittarius is a very energetic dad! Kind and understanding. With children of “earthly” signs, there will always be misunderstandings. With Cancers, Pisces, and Scorpios, Sagittarius’s dad can even “come into confrontation”.

The “fiery” dads will have the best relationships with representatives of the air. Libra children will always be favorites because they are quiet and talented and you can be proud of them. Twin babies will be able to feel their father on an emotional level and anticipate their father’s behavior. Child Aquarius shows their constructiveness about the “fiery” dad.

“Water” dads and children by sign-connection

Such signs of the zodiac are phlegmatic. They are sentimental and have a special inner world. Such dads always take care of their wives and children first of all.

• Pisces  – such a dad is very emotional and strives to give his child everything! He gets along well with kids, but with teenagers there are problems. Difficulties with education will arise if the baby is born under the sign: Aries, Gemini, or Libra.

• Cancer is a very caring and gentle father. He is very attached to children. Worst of all such a father will feel assertive Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

• Scorpio is a very demanding father, but a reliable shield with which nothing is scary. This more strictly applies to sons. Daughters will “twist ropes” from such a dad. Conflict relations develop with children Scorpions, Lions, Aries, and Capricorns.

Dads from the “water kingdom” get along best with children from the same element. Scorpio children are reserved and unobtrusive. Baby Cancers like to live in their little world, and Dad is very important to them. Fish are independent and obedient.

“Air” dads and children according to the horoscope – relationships

Representatives of the air element of sanguine. They know how to impress! They make quick decisions, adapt to any situation, and have an active mind.

• Gemini is a very sociable dad who loves to pamper his kids. Capricorn and Pisces children with such a dad feel uncomfortable and relationships do not add up.

• Libra  – for such dads, love for children comes with the measure of their growing up. Libra’s dad is a real diplomat and teacher. Problems in understanding may arise with the child of Cancer and Capricorn.

• Aquarius  – such a dad becomes a true friend to his child. He encourages a wide range of interests and is always for the development of the intellect. It is difficult for him to find a common language with the children of Scorpions and Pisces.

In the best way, relations with the “Air” dads are formed with the children of the “Fire” signs. Aries delight dads with their assertiveness and confidence. Babies Sagittarius can understand any representative of air signs. Leo’s children have an inquisitive mind and this bribes “Air” dads.

The Relationship of “Earthly” Dads and Children in Astrology

People born under the auspices of the earth element are melancholic. They are realists! Appropriate for any business practice. They have perseverance, perseverance, and endurance.

• Taurus  – such a dad has endless patience. He loves calm and therefore does not get along at all with energetic Lions and Aries.

• Virgo  – in such a sign paternal qualities are not concluded, but he will never evade his duty. With emotional Scorpions, Pisces, and Libra does not get along well.

• Capricorn  – always brings up kids in a strict framework, adhering to traditions. Lack of attention can be experienced by children of Cancer and Pisces.

The best match for dads of “earth” signs will be the same kids! Taurus will show understanding to the father. Virgo babies will not demand attention but only delight in their achievements. Capricorn children are independent and responsible, and parents appreciate these qualities.

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