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The New Moon In April Has A Negative Influence On 4 Signs Of The Zodiac

Once a month the moon is not illuminated by the sun and therefore disappears from our field of vision. This celestial phenomenon is called the new moon and is essentially the opposite of the full moon. Once the moon is plunged into complete darkness, it takes 35 hours before it returns as a narrow crescent and the waxing moon phase begins.

What influence does the new moon have?

According to astrology, the new moon is not just a phenomenon that we can look at in the night sky, no. The new moon is said to have a very special effect on us humans and is a good time for spiritual activities – such as meditation or other rituals. The new moon also offers great conditions for setting new goals in life. After all, it marks the beginning of the lunar cycle month after month and is therefore symbolic of a new beginning.

By the way, the next new moon falls on April 8th, at 8:21 p.m.

The new moon in the zodiac sign Aries

In April 2024, the new moon will be in the zodiac sign Aries and will even coincide with Mercury retrograde this year. What does that mean? The zodiac sign Aries represents passion and forward movement, but at the same time, Mercury retrograde is known to hurt our development, pushing us to act impulsively and hindering our communication. We could be in for a trying time around the new moon on April 8th – especially for zodiac signs that generally tend to be impulsive…


The zodiac sign Gemini is known for its good communication skills – but at the same time for sometimes acting faster than thinking. In conjunction with Mercury retrograde, the drive of the new moon energy could tempt you to act particularly impulsively and step on other people’s toes with your spontaneous decisions. Make sure you communicate clearly and don’t just do your own thing.


Cancer-born people also tend to react impulsively because they are considered very sensitive and emotional. Around the new moon in April, you could suddenly feel the urge for change, but at the same time, you are overstimulated by Mercury retrograde. It’s no wonder that this mix brings with it a strong feeling of being overwhelmed… It’s best to try not to get too carried away by your emotions and to take time out now and then so that you can calm down.


Those born under the zodiac sign Sagittarius wear their hearts on their sleeves and prefer to act immediately rather than think long and hard about possible consequences. In most cases you’ll do well with it – but now you need to be careful. The passionate energy of the Aries New Moon and Mercury retrograde could mean trouble arises around April 8 if you act as usual. It’s better to slow down so as not to hurt anyone.


Scorpio-born people show their impulsiveness by the fact that they tend to fly out of their skin in conflict situations and say things that they don’t mean. You’ll usually be able to reflect on your behavior and make amends afterward – but when the passionate Aries New Moon and Mercury retrograde collide, you may find this more difficult. Drama is inevitable! It’s best to try not to provoke an argument in the first place and to think about your statements in advance.

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