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Unbearable Zodiac Signs, They Just Make You Shake. Who Are They?

They certainly know how to play on the nerves of others! They even like it, can you imagine that? Who do they think they are? Today we will tell you about these pests. Naturally, this horoscope does not pretend to be the ultimate truth; it is mostly comic. But in every joke, as you know, there is a share…

Please do not take this horoscope seriously and do not be offended if you are on the list of unbearable Zodiacs. After all, in every shortcoming, we can find dignity. Probably in almost everyone ???? ????

So, here they are: The Most Unbearable Signs of the Zodiac:

VIRGO (24.08 – 23.09)

1. Analyzes his every step and does not forget to control others.
2. Criticizes everything he sees and hears.
3. A practical Bore who even cherishes her illnesses.

Everyone knows that Virgo is recognized by all Zodiacs as an intellectual and a perfectionist who never tires of pointing out their imperfections to everyone. They have an analytical mind and incredible self-esteem.

It can be very difficult to come to an agreement with them even in everyday life since they are accustomed to the fact that everything should be only as the super-Virgo says. Can you offer something more reasonable than She? How to identify a Virgo: if after a few minutes of communication with an intelligent person, you want to dismember him, then this person is most likely a Virgo.

Virgos are petty, stingy, grumpy, and boring. With their nagging, they can drive you crazy. With their tediousness and intransigence, Virgos can ruin any business.

They are not prone to improvisation, and are accustomed to drawing up boring, meticulously detailed action plans for themselves and their loved ones, despite their protests. They are true masters of intrigue, and if they have chosen a victim for themselves, they will not rest until they have exhausted her. Well, how do you like it, cuties?

TAURUS (21.04 – 21.05)

1. Who is the first boor and miser among the Zodiacs? That’s right, Taurus.
2. He thinks he knows more than everyone else.
3. Petty and boring, a suck-up and an informer.

Taurus is a mercantile boor who is used to getting his way through perseverance and patience. He will not deviate from his intended path. He will trample on you and move on to his goal.

Taurus does not forget and does not forgive insults. His main shortcomings: are greed, boredom, a pessimistic view of things, cruelty to himself and others, and callousness in relationships.

He considers himself the center of the Universe, pretending to be an altruist, which he is not. He loves wealth and strives for it, he is ready to take off the last shirt of his neighbor. What exactly is wrong with this? – He thinks. After all, to each his own, whoever is more assertive and stronger gets the best.

Self-centered Taurus terrorizes his family from childhood to old age, although to outsiders he appears quite polite and affectionate. He is used to training children; they must “walk to the line” with him.

Taurus women make the most terrible and obnoxious old maids. They do not trust anyone, not even themselves, and therefore are painfully jealous.

SAGITTARIUS (11/23 – 12/21)

1. Loves to impose his society and his stupid ideas on everyone without exception.
2. An aggressive optimist, you want to run away from him in all four directions.
3. Pathological liar and fib. 

Sagittarius is famous for its idiotic optimism and assertiveness. In family life, he causes a lot of trouble, as he is a pathological liar who sincerely believes in the good of his lies.

He loves noisy gatherings and get-togethers where he can indulge in freebies. Sagittarius, with his company, can destroy any, even the most close-knit company. And he won’t feel guilty, everyone else is just an idiot.

In everyday life, he only knows how to theorize, and not solve accumulated problems. Why, because you can draw up an action plan, and let someone else implement it. Why get your hands dirty? Wives often complain about such husbands, claiming that Sagittarians are not men at all and do not perform men’s duties around the house at all.

Sagittarius is too straightforward and lacks a sense of tact. This behavior sometimes leads to all sorts of problems. But his natural charm and idiotic optimism do not allow him to lose heart.

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