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The Perfect Man For Your Zodiac Sign

The ideal man for your zodiac sign. Find out which man suits you perfectly according to the horoscope. So the stars say…

1. Aries Woman (March 21 – April 19)

The Aries woman has a hot temperament and a masculine character. She is full of energy and knows how to overcome difficulties with her characteristic determination and stamina.


Cancer Man: Aries woman can captivate timid Cancer men with her enthusiasm and activity. He will undoubtedly be attracted by her unpredictable, and sometimes eccentric nature.
Pisces Man: A sensitive Pisces man, like no one else, can understand the feelings of an Aries woman and surround her with attention and care.


Gemini Man: At first, they may be united by irrepressible passion, but the excessive sensitivity of Gemini men will alienate the more rational Aries woman.
Leo Man:  The freedom-loving Aries woman will not tolerate the desire of the Leo man to curb her. Conflicts in the struggle for leadership are inevitable.

2. Taurus Woman (April 20 – May 20)

The Taurus woman has good taste, loves luxury, and knows how to create comfort. She is a very devoted life partner, you can safely entrust her with keeping any secret.


Taurus Man:  He can become a “soulmate” for her. Two Taurus are without a doubt a good couple. There are few obvious contradictions in their union, they both value stability and have similar life goals.

Cancer Man:  A man of this sign meets all the requirements of a Taurus woman. The emotional similarity of the two signs will unite them and ensure a harmonious union.


Leo Man: The Leo Man will seem too demanding and emotionally unstable to them. While the measured lifestyle of the Taurus Woman, the Leo man finds it too boring.

Sagittarius Man: This couple has little in common. A practical Taurus woman who values ​​stability in the future will find it difficult to accept the frequent changes in the life of a Sagittarius man.

3. Gemini Woman (May 21 – June 20)

A woman born under the sign of Gemini is romantic and captivating. Sincerely believes in love and knows how to enjoy life. She makes friends easily and has many talents.


Cancer Man: Both signs, always in search of true love, will be able to understand each other perfectly.

Libra Man: A very harmonious couple. They are never bored in each other’s company, besides, they are perfectly compatible in bed.


Scorpio Man: Trying to take control of the carefree Gemini women, the Scorpio man will make endless scenes of jealousy.

Virgo Man: The Virgo Man can infuriate the Gemini with his calmness and equanimity.

4. Woman – Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

She is ambitious but at the same time kind. Only one who shares her interests can become the chosen one of a Cancer woman. She is emotional and has a great sense of humor.


Libra Man: A man under the sign of Libra is restrained and self-confident. For him, the most important thing, both in his professional and personal life, is to maintain balance. The Cancer woman will appreciate these qualities, in turn, the Libra man will give her a sense of reliability and security.

Taurus Man: A sincere and rational Taurus man will be able to balance the union with the emotional Cancer woman.


Scorpio Man: Mutual jealousy is the reason for the incompatibility of this couple.

Virgo Man: The inability to express even the strongest feelings for each other leads to their rapid cooling.

5. Leo Woman (July 23-August 22)

A woman born under the sign of Leo has a big ego and loves to be the center of attention. She is distinguished by a strong-willed character and stubbornness.


Gemini Man: He is attracted by the strength of the spirit of the Leo woman, she is grateful to him for the ability to understand her stubbornness with understanding.

Scorpio Man: This is a wonderful union of strong, proud, and powerful people. Despite frequent quarrels, they are both faithful to the chosen one and remain together for life.


Aquarius Man: Even though the Aquarius Man is ready to devote himself completely to her, the ambitious Lioness prefers partners of equal strength to her.

Capricorn Man: A free-spirited Capricorn man will prefer to remain free rather than obey the order imposed by the Lioness.

6. Virgo Woman (August 23 – September 22)

The Virgo woman thinks a lot and loves to spend time alone with her thoughts in silence. It is easy to offend her, but she skillfully hides her feelings. A man who can unravel her complex personality will be able to win her heart.


Libra Man: It will not be difficult for a determined and sensitive man born under the sign of Libra to win the attention of a Virgo Woman.

Capricorn Man: This man is also capable of melting the heart of a Virgo woman. The Capricorn man will not be at all afraid of the incredulity of the Virgo, so he will patiently wait until she reveals herself to him.


Cancer Man: The union of two very sensitive signs is doomed to mutual reproaches and resentment.

Pisces Man: The silence of Pisces and Virgo will create a wall of misunderstanding between them.

7. Libra Woman (September 23 – October 22)

Libra women firmly know what they want from life and will stubbornly achieve their goals. They are rational and practical. Their ambition will not allow them to settle for less than “the very best.”


Sagittarius man: This is a harmonious union of a free-spirited Sagittarius man and a strong Libra woman. He can reveal her talents, but she will from time to time lower him to the ground.

Leo Man: Both signs are very devoted partners. The Libra woman is one of the few who can curb the ego of the Leo man. He, who loves to win in everything, will gladly accept such a challenge.


Capricorn Man: In her opinion, Capricorn is a narcissistic dictator, under the pressure of which, the freedom-loving Libra woman will quickly run away.

Pisces Man:  Libra Woman will not reckon with the feelings of an emotional Pisces man. He will consider her callous and harsh.

8. Scorpio Woman (October 23 – November 21)

The Scorpio woman is a very ambitious person. A passionate, jealous, and sensitive Scorpio woman has high demands on her future partner. She is one of the few women who are ready to openly declare their sexual fantasies.


Capricorn Man: A dreamy and courageous Scorpio woman is attracted by the cool mind and patience of the Capricorn man. The sexual compatibility of these signs is beyond doubt.

Leo Man: This is the union of two passionate zodiac signs. The Leo man is attracted to the sexual emancipation of the Scorpio woman. He will be able to win her attention with his devotion and determination.


Scorpio Man: The union of two Scorpios is a dangerous combination. Despite the incredible compatibility in bed, the relationship will become unbearable for both.

Gemini man: According to the Scorpio woman, the man of this sign is boring and overly romantic.

9. Sagittarius Woman (November 22 – December 21)

Sagittarius women are very brave, always looking for adventure and new experiences in life. They often follow their hearts and do not compromise. As a partner, they choose the one who can share with her the desire to comprehend the whole world.


Aries Man: They love change, they strive to experiment, and reform their lives, completely coinciding with these desires and impulses.

Aquarius Man: The Aquarius man can paint the sexual life of the Sagittarius woman with bright colors. They may share common interests.


Taurus man: Striving for stability and home comfort, the Taurus man will never be able to understand the impulses for the experiments of the Sagittarius woman.

Virgo Man: Such a man loves order and is used to living according to a schedule. It will be difficult for him to keep up with the Sagittarius woman, striving only forward without looking back.

10. Capricorn Woman (December 22 – January 19)

The Capricorn woman is very ambitious and hardworking. Patience and a cold mind allow her to almost always achieve her goal.


Pisces Man: At first glance, it may seem that emotional Pisces men are not the most suitable sign for practical Capricorns. The Pisces man is an incorrigible dreamer and romantic, always in the clouds, but it is with these qualities that he attracts the pragmatic Capricorn woman.

Virgo Man: Virgo and Capricorn are couples with good compatibility due to their related temperament. They are related by restraint in the manifestation of emotions, stubbornness, and isolation. There is little passion in the relationship of this couple, however, this does not prevent them from enjoying each other.


Leo man:  The Leo man constantly needs attention, while the Capricorn woman is busy with more important matters. Her seriousness, he can take for coldness.

Aries man: An uneasy union. The Capricorn woman will perceive the Aries man as a careless and unreliable partner. Practical Capricorn will not share his desire to get the maximum dose of pleasure from life.

11. Aquarius Woman (January 20 – February 18)

The Aquarius woman is a creative person who is always open to new knowledge. She does not like to limit herself to conventions. Even though outwardly it seems open to communication she is reluctant to share her feelings. She appreciates the freedom of personal space and expects the same from her partner.


Libra Man: They understand each other perfectly. Both signs feel great in society, as they are extroverts by nature. The Libra man will appreciate the creativity and enthusiasm of the Aquarius woman.

Gemini Man: Representatives of both signs have a sea of ​​\u200b\u200bcharm and do not go unnoticed when they are together. Their ingenuity provides them with incredible sexual compatibility. The lively mind of the Gemini man can captivate the intellectual and independent Aquarius woman.


Scorpio man:  Attempts by a jealous Scorpio man to control his freedom-loving chosen one, Aquarius, will be unsuccessful.

Pisces Man: This man needs constant attention and all his attempts to get close to the Aquarius woman will be perceived by her as an encroachment on the freedom of personal space.

12. Pisces Woman (February 19 – March 20)

The Pisces woman is the most sensitive and emotional type of the zodiac sign. The characteristic qualities of Pisces women are artistry and a very developed intuition. The timid and dreamy representative of this sign often lacks self-confidence.


Cancer Man: A gentle and caring Cancer Man will make the perfect match for Pisces women. Similar in temperament, they can easily find a common language and be able to open up to each other. Their union, as a rule, is built on great love.

Capricorn Man: The romanticism and femininity of Pisces attract Capricorn men like a magnet. Pisces is impressed by the wisdom and caring of Capricorn men.


Gemini Man: Such a union is filled with contradictions. Gemini men, in love, try to avoid unnecessary obligations, and a woman of this sign will experience a lack of attention, which she badly needs at any stage of the relationship.

Libra Man: Sensitive Pisces will not be ready for the straightforwardness of the Libra Man. Accustomed to avoiding noisy companies, the Pisces woman will not be able to come to terms with his desire to constantly be in society.

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