Zodiac Signs

The signs that hate each other to death. They will never get along!

Hatred of someone can come in many forms. Often, it happens because there are too many differences between you and another person. For example, she likes everything you hate to do or can’t stand the things you’re into.
Leo and Virgo

Leo likes everything to be about him. Not only can it direct anything’s attention to its problems, but it does so in a disturbing way.

Virgo can’t stand his constant need to be the center of attention and will stay as far away from him as possible.

Virgo’s ability to stay in the shadows can sometimes make her seem withdrawn, but that’s only because she can’t stand being in the spotlight. Not only does it make her incredibly uncomfortable, but it turns her into a fussy and rude person.

While Leo’s favorite activity is being the center of attention, he never makes time for Virgo. He may not overtly show that he hates her, but he will make it known that they have nothing in common.
Cancer and Sagittarius

Cancer is the type of person who is set on certain things and doesn’t try anything new very often. Sometimes he may seem too needy and insecure, but this is the way of life that makes him feel comfortable.

Sagittarius can’t stand this side of Cancer because they worry about not taking advantage of the joys of life and that it will end when it’s already too late.

Instead, Sagittarius strives to have fun with friends and never be attached to anyone or anything.

Cancer is happy when others accept their clingy side, but Sagittarius will never do it because they find it too suffocating.

Libra and Scorpio

Libra puts a lot of effort into building a fair and balanced life, which means breaking away from anything that might make her aggressive and unstable.

Due to the ability of self-control that constantly rules her life, Libra is able to stay away from people like Scorpio, who do not agree with anything she believes.

Scorpio has nothing to do with peace and fairness, which can be very intimidating for a Libra. But even though Libra is a passive person when it comes to dealing with their differences with someone else, they will always make sure Scorpio knows how much they disapprove of them.

The hatred they feel for each other is immense because they really are polar opposites.

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