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The Type Of Bad Guy You Always Fall For, Based On Your Astrological Sign

You may not realize it, but you usually fall for men who have more similarities than you imagine.

If you think back to all your heartbreaks and breakups in the past, you’ll see that they probably have a lot in common.

Of course, this has nothing to do with the looks of the men you choose, but rather their personality traits.


The commitment phobic

The type of toxic man you like is the one who is afraid of commitment.

They will drag you on for years without ever taking your relationship to the next level, all the while promising you that things are about to get more serious at any moment.


The one who plays dead

You don’t know why, but somehow you always end up with a guy who achieves nothing and disappears from your life without any explanation.

Even though you may have started to feel guilty about it, the truth is that you continue to choose men who don’t know how to communicate and who are too big cowards to deal with any problem you encounter.


The one who demands attention but never gives it

People think you’re insensitive, but the truth is that behind your mischievous exterior is a girl who gives her all to those around her.

You’re always the one who loves you more since you’re constantly attracted to guys who can’t give you the love and investment you need.

These are men who treat you as their plan B while expecting to be number one on your priority list.


The guy is too good to be true

You want a fairy tale and a Prince Charming. However, your dreams of finding the perfect love often lead you into problems.

These dreams have you falling in love with men who seem like nice guys at first, but end up being worse than anyone else.

Instead of looking for a perfect partner, be more realistic and understand that your potential boyfriend may not have all the qualities you would like him to have.


The one who praises you for getting into your pants

Your ego is as big as a mountain. Therefore, the type of man you are most likely to fall for is the soft-spoken one who praises you every chance he gets.

Unfortunately, this is often a way of paving your way to your bed.


The one who refuses to label things

For as long as you can remember, you’ve always been stuck in untitled relationships.

Of course, you get out of these situations pretty quickly because not knowing where you stand drives you crazy.

But before you know it, you’re falling in love again with a guy who refuses to label things.


The guy who puts you last

The type of bad guy you always fall for is the one who never has the time or energy to be with you, even when you’re officially a couple.

Every time you talk to him about it, he promises that things will change very quickly and that not liking you and taking you for granted will be history, but everything remains the same.


The serial deceiver

Even though you’re considered the most jealous sign, the truth is that your jealousy is usually anything but crazy.

Your intuition is strong, and most of the time you catch your cheating partner red-handed, making it seem like you have a thing for serial cheaters.


The one who wants to master everything

The type of toxic man you usually fall for is the one who wants to know every move you make.

These guys are born manipulators, and they are willing to do anything to achieve their goals and turn you into the woman they think you should become.


The liar

You don’t know how you attract them, but somehow you always come across compulsive liars.

These are men who couldn’t tell the truth even if their lives depended on it, and those who lie about literally everything, not just things related to your relationship.


The possessive jealous

You value your personal space and freedom as much as anyone else.

However, you have a habit of falling in love with men who try to limit your freedom and whose jealousy ends up ruining your relationship.

It’s cute if a man has no problem showing you that he’s afraid of losing you, but having a possessive boyfriend is unhealthy.


Immature mama’s boy

Your desire to save men and help them whenever you get the chance makes you the perfect bait for immature men who have no purpose in life and are looking for someone to guide them.

Remember that you need an equal partner, not a child who will never grow up.

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