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We would all like to know how this year 2023 is going for us.   This is especially true for those who have had a damn year in 2022 and are wondering if the stars have something positive in store for them.

But no matter how good luck this year brings, every zodiac sign will have at least one period this year in which the stars make life difficult for that person. But when will that time come for you?

Here is your worst month in 2023 according to your zodiac sign:

Capricorn: October

October is not going to be your month. Never expect only happiness to appear on your life path. There always has to be a little bit of anger around, and obstacles are good for your personality. The biggest problems arise in your communication skills. Somehow you just can’t explain to people what you think and what you want, and that was something you always knew exactly how to do. Work on it, especially in October!

Aquarius: May

May is a difficult month for some zodiac signs, and you are one of them. Unlike some other signs, your problems could be highly related to love or friendship. Your relationships will face serious problems. Try to avoid this by looking at yourself first and asking yourself if you are the root of the problem. Be completely honest with yourself and, most importantly, be clear about your feelings.

Pisces: March

For you, March has a few negative effects on your life, as it does for some other zodiac signs. Also, your problems are of financial origin. Don’t make hasty financial decisions. Take this warning seriously as it is not a good time to make such decisions. It will only bring bigger and more serious problems. So be patient and wait for the better time of year that approaches the end of the year.

Aries: July

This month is going to bring a lot of tension and conflict into your life that you won’t easily shake off. Usually, summer brings happiness and relaxation, but you will experience the dark side of this month that you have never seen before. Stay relaxed and patient with yourself so you don’t make mistakes. Better times are coming again.

Taurus: December

The holidays come in December, but you can’t look forward to it that much this year. This is going to be an emotionally challenging time for you. Your relationships with other people, both romantic and friendly, are going to get you in a lot of trouble. You will feel that you do not have the strength to handle it all. But you will get through it. Have some confidence in your abilities.

Gemini: April

Your fear and the tendency to rethink everything will be particularly strong in April. That’s why you shouldn’t make any important decisions in April. All that brooding won’t be an easy task for you. Usually, you are very susceptible to manipulation and it is very easy to change your mind about something. This will be used against you at this time.

Cancer: May

If you’ve been lucky in love so far, the month of May will change that. Forget about making any progress with dating or your relationships, in general, this month. It will only frustrate you and make you reproach yourself which is unjustified. Take a break in your love life and wait for better days.

Leo: September

It’s going to be pretty rocky, especially since you will face different obstacles this month. At least now you know and can better prepare for it. Do not worry. Although the month will make a mess in your life, you will be fine. At least the rest of your year will turn out to be pretty peaceful and great.

Virgo: June

This month is going to mess up all plans. Some get hit harder, some less. You are not so lucky but somehow manage to get through this month. You will worry more than anyone else. And you have to work twice as hard as everyone else to achieve something that you want to achieve. This is especially true for relationships. Don’t let your frustrations control you.

Libra: November

The stars will affect you negatively in November. That is why this is also the month of the crisis. Your problems are unlikely to be related to love or any type of relationship. You will have internal struggles and your mood swings will drive you crazy. This is the month when you will feel lost and confused most of the time.

Scorpio: October

As with some other signs of the zodiac, you will encounter some difficulties this month. Don’t let your mood drop too low, as this could only make matters worse. Try to survive this time and under no circumstances let anyone frustrate or provoke you. As long as you stay calm everything will be fine.

Sagittarius: June

You will have a tough time in June and you will have to work hard on yourself. It would be stupid of you not to expect at least a month in 2023 to be difficult. While your personal life will suffer, it won’t be nearly as bad as your professional life. You shouldn’t care so much about your love life. It will more or less stay the way it was before. The problems mainly take place in the financial area of ​​your life. Be careful about where you put your money and how much you spend this month.

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