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These 3 Zodiac Signs Are Addicted To Cell Phones

Always check the news or see what’s happening on Instagram: There are people who just always have to look at their smartphones. Those around you can be quite annoyed by this. According to the horoscope, this character trait applies primarily to three zodiac signs.

No matter the situation – some people just always have to check their emails or messages, work through all of their friends’ stories on Instagram, play games, or spend hours on the phone with their best friend. You simply can never put your smartphone down. You always want to be up to date and don’t miss anything. This sometimes makes those around them extremely annoying! The data volume is quickly used up. There are some zodiac signs to which this character trait particularly applies.

These 3 zodiac signs never put their cell phones down


The Gemini cannot live without his smartphone and never puts it down. That’s why the zodiac sign knows about everything. They also have a huge circle of friends and a message arrives on WhatsApp almost every minute – of course, they have to read it immediately. The disadvantage: They sometimes neglect their friends and spend more time on their cell phones.


Aquarius is very active, especially on social networks, and always posts a video on TikTok – and of course, such a clip has to be edited perfectly, which takes a lot of time. And the zodiac sign also loves technology – if there is a new app, it has to be installed and tried out immediately. They are often on the move – but everything has to be documented on Instagram.


Aries is very busy – even with his cell phone. The zodiac sign works through their friends’ Instagram stories or checks the latest news in the numerous news apps – and that takes up a lot of time. Whether meeting friends, on the train, or in the supermarket – the zodiac sign never puts their smartphone down. When the Aries wake up in the morning, the messages on the device are checked before the first coffee. Something important could have happened during the night…

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