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These 3 Zodiac Signs Have An Ice-Cold Heart

While some zodiac signs are good at empathizing with other people and understanding them in this way, others are not at all able to do so. Their lack of compassion often makes them seem quite cold – even if that may not be their intention. Would you like to know which zodiac signs are said to have no empathy? We’ll tell you the answer.


The Sagittarius zodiac sign is known for its great self-confidence. He is used to doing his own thing and can handle problems well on his own. However, this is exactly what Sagittarius projects onto other people… The zodiac sign assumes that they can also overcome difficult situations without help and therefore rarely give advice or show compassion. You should always speak openly with this zodiac sign to avoid conflicts and misunderstandings.


Aquarius is considered the most sensitive of the zodiac signs. How does that fit with a lack of empathy? He is usually so preoccupied with his own emotions that he prefers to turn away when it comes to other people’s problems. Through this behavior, he gives those around him the feeling that he is not interested in them at all. Open communication is therefore incredibly important with Aquarius – whether in relationships or friendships.


In contrast to Aquarius, the Capricorn zodiac sign is not particularly emotional. Because of his serious nature, he often seems cold to those around him – and if Capricorn doesn’t like someone, he lets that person feel it. But the zodiac sign also likes to go a step too far with its sarcastic comments towards friends and family. Caution is required here so as not to allow any misunderstandings to arise and not to inadvertently injure anyone!

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