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2 Zodiac Signs To Experience Luck And Abundance Before March 20th, 2024.

These 2 zodiac signs have a good chance of experiencing abundance and luck before the end of the Pisces season. You will have to seize the opportunities that will lead you towards the abundant life that has always been destined for you. As Wayne Dyer says:

“Abundance is not something we acquire, but something we grant ourselves.

Abundance means total fulfillment. It’s as if your needs are not only being met, but your life is overflowing with goodness, opportunity, and wonder far beyond what you could have imagined. However, to live such an abundant life, it is necessary to heal the wounds related to lack or scarcity, which make you fear losing what you have acquired or received.

We continue to feel the magic of this month’s New Moon in Pisces.

An opportunity for you to free yourself from your wounds and realize that you have always been worthy of everything you desire.

The New Moon in Pisces on Sunday, March 10 offered you a fresh start, where you can pursue a more abundant life.

If you’ve been practicing abundance rituals, like burying your intentions under an oregano plant or blowing cinnamon through your front door, you might start to see signs of them coming true before the season ends. Pisces, March 19 and 20.

Pisces represents unity, deepest dreams, and your soul’s purpose in the zodiac. This energy reconnects you to what you are meant to do and experience in this existence, which always leads you towards your greatest abundance. The New Moon works its magic by encouraging you to observe where something begins in your life or what you wish to manifest in this new lunar cycle.

Although there are different ways to interpret lunar cycles, for this time it is important to keep in mind that what you initiate now or the intentions you set will likely take longer than the two weeks leading up to the next Full Moon to fully materialize.

In this context, it makes sense to use Pisces energy consistently.

Saturn will accompany this Moon until the Pisces Full Moon on September 17-18, which will also be a lunar eclipse – marking the start of a new cycle.

Pisces season invites you to step into a deeper healing space, as you prepare to welcome the energy of the fast-approaching astrological new year and vernal equinox.

This is the perfect time to create space for reflection, to address your deepest needs, and to immerse yourself in the gentle darkness of this lunar period. Step into the light of your self-worth and set your intention to materialize the most abundant life you can imagine.

Which two zodiac signs and ascendants will experience abundance before the Pisces season ends on March 20, 2024?

1. Aquarius

Pisces energy influences your self-esteem and financial situation, allowing you to understand how the life you lead is a reflection of your perception of yourself. In this context, due to the highly emotional nature of the Pisces sign, it is crucial to explore in depth to eliminate any fear of being seen differently by others compared to your image.

This may manifest as a reluctance to express your needs or desires for fear of how others will react. When you have a true knowledge of your worth, then you become a magnet for opportunity and abundance, directly attracting these blessings into your life.

At the time of the New Moon in Pisces, Saturn resided in this sign, accompanied by Venus who is now also in Pisces. While a New Moon symbolizes new beginnings, Venus addresses themes of love, finances, and material possessions, while Saturn can help you overcome challenges from the past.

The idea is to learn from your past experiences to develop a deeper self-love, allowing you to aim ever higher in what you aspire to receive.

The New Moon in Pisces encourages new financial endeavors.

And requests for raises, personal matters, or even unexpected monetary surprises. However, whatever comes your way at this time will be a direct result of your past actions and choices, because Saturn is present.

It is essential to take the time to reflect and process what is currently happening in your life, especially if you have recently felt any tension or challenges, as this may well be linked to your self-esteem.

Don’t be afraid to take risks during this lunar period, especially as this cycle in Pisces culminates with a lunar eclipse in September. Many opportunities and changes are ahead, but knowing what you deserve and how you should be treated will determine the direction of what you can manifest.

2. Cancer

The New Moon in Pisces culminated in your house of luck and abundance, making it a particularly meaningful event for you – something you’ve been waiting for for a long time. The past year has been particularly challenging as you navigated the final lessons of Pluto in Capricorn, highlighting themes of relationships and love.

Even though the energy has changed this year and most of the challenges of the past are now behind you, you may still have felt some reluctance. This reluctance comes not from an intuition about what might happen, but rather from a fear of allowing hope to arise and believing that the best is yet to come.

As the New Moon in Pisces activates this area of ​​your life, the long-awaited moment has finally arrived. It is a relief and a release of a thousand concerns that were weighing on your shoulders, but it also brings new opportunities. Thanks to the healing nature of this lunar phase, you can now welcome newness with hope and confidence, ready to enjoy every moment.

Although Pisces rules your area of ​​luck and abundance.

They also touch on themes such as finances, travel, education, and spirituality. The arrival of a New Moon in this sector of your life, symbolizing a true new beginning, invites you to adopt a new perspective on life. You are encouraged to change the way you approach situations, to break out of habitual patterns, and to recognize that the universe is calling you towards something greater.

Approach the rest of the month with curiosity and confidence. Seek to establish a balance between quiet moments conducive to self-care, allowing you to definitively overcome your fears and return to active life. You no longer need to simply survive but are invited to discover what it truly means to thrive.

Stop looking for reasons why things might fail, whether in a relationship, the desire to travel, or the pursuit of a specific goal. Instead, begin to recognize that the entire universe is truly working on your behalf to help elevate you and your life so that you can live in abundance.

Under this lunar phase, show courage, dare to take risks, and follow the direction that your soul tells you because this represents only the beginning of all the beauty that the universe has in store for you.

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