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These 3 Zodiac Signs Tolerate An Affair

Cheating in a relationship is a serious breach of trust. The partnership is put to the test after a slip-up. However, some zodiac signs tolerate infidelity.

Very few people admit it, but according to studies it happens again and again: around half of all women or men are said to have cheated in a relationship. An affair can quickly end a relationship. However, according to the horoscope, three zodiac signs tolerate a slip-up and would never break up despite the breach of trust.

These zodiac signs would not break up with their partner


Scorpio calls the shots in a relationship and likes to be in control. If he has been cheated on by his partner, his world will initially collapse – but he would never separate from his partner and decide to continue the partnership. There is also a reason for this: If their partner apologizes and makes them feel guilty, Scorpio-born people regain control of their relationship.


Pisces is very hurt when he is cheated on and his partner allows him to have an affair. They would then leave their partner – but they cannot. Because they lack the courage and strength to do so. And that’s why they want to continue the relationship despite the slip-up. Especially those born in Pisces want to present a perfect image to the outside world – especially in front of family and friends. Nevertheless, they will never forget their partner’s infidelity.


Taurus is very loyal – especially to his partner. It is therefore somewhat surprising that this zodiac sign of all people would tolerate an affair from their partner. Although he is very hurt and it takes some time before he can trust his unfaithful partner again – he would not abandon his love and give the relationship another chance. Only if his partner had another affair would he consider calling it quits.

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