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Aries: Personality Traits Of This Zodiac Sign

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. Ruled by the planet Mars, this Fire sign is characterized by a passionate, outgoing, and courageous character. In this article, we present you all the details about its characteristics, qualities, defects, and more. So what best defines Aries? Let’s go!

Introducing the sign of Aries

Aries is the sign that opens the zodiac cycle. Ambitious but impulsive, he is quickly carried away by anger. Determined and enterprising, Aries is dominated by Mars, the planet of action, hence their determined and enterprising nature. The terrible child of the zodiac, Aries is a courageous sign, always ready to take risks. You will never see an Aries perform routine, repetitive, and boring tasks. Rather, he needs change, novelty, and stimulating work.

In Greek mythology, the image of Aries comes from the story of the Golden Fleece. It is said that a winged ram, possessing a golden fleece saved Prince Phrixus who was about to be sacrificed because of a story of succession. In recognition, the Prince sacrifices an Aries which rises to heaven. The Babylonians, Greeks, Egyptians, and Persians named this constellation “Aries”.

General characteristics of the sign of Aries

Born between March 21 and April 20, the sign of Aries reflects on the one hand gentleness and the willingness to sacrifice oneself for others, on the other hand, expresses stubbornness and impulsiveness. Confident, direct, and passionate, the first sign of the zodiac likes to take initiative and dive headlong into everything that excites them. Thus, he will eventually achieve his goals, sooner or later. This is partly due to the influence of Mars, which is responsible for many Aries traits! Mars is the planet of desire, action, and war. Brilliant and strong-willed, fire signs are known for their courage and self-confidence, especially when things go wrong. They are full of optimism and courage to face any situation.

The qualities of Aries

Aries are courageous and show great determination. Here are some qualities that can set him apart from other zodiac signs.


The native of Aries is always focused on his goals and always determined to go all the way despite the difficulties encountered. He shows courage in all circumstances and is not afraid of risk. His legendary determination pushes him to sometimes rush headlong without thinking too much. But the brave of the zodiac always ends up achieving his goal no matter what.

Helpful and loyal

If you have an Aries friend, consider yourself lucky! Loyal and helpful, he is a true friend you can count on in times of need. For the people he loves in particular, he does not say no and he is always ready to help them and lend a hand.


Very enthusiastic, Aries is not afraid to reach out to others and impose their opinions. He is recognized for his exceptional charisma. He seduces, communicates with great eloquence, and makes others want to approach him. It has the power to capture attention and impose itself. In summary, Le Bélier is captivating.


As mentioned above, Aries has no problem with taking risks. If it can help him achieve his goals, he will not hesitate to venture on slippery ground if necessary. In addition, this native of the zodiac is always ready to defend himself and his loved ones.

Aries’ flaws

Generally, Aries has a difficult character. Just as it has exceptional qualities, it also has surprising flaws.


Aries natives are warm and fearless. They do not tolerate orders and hate to obey. An Aries is made to lead as a leader and leader and never accepts being subject to any hierarchy.


Patience is not Aries’ forte. He wants to have it all and fast. Aries natives forget that you have to go through different stages to achieve the desired goal. Born people sometimes force events to get what they want.


Aries are masters of awkward questions. They have no problem asking very personal questions and asking what others will avoid mentioning. They can easily interrogate people on intimate or personal matters…


Aries has an oversized ego. These natives refuse the help offered to them and only want to rely on themselves. An Aries always feels superior and better than others.

Love & sexuality

The contradictory nature of Aries also manifests in their love and sexual life. People born under this constellation know how to love and are ready to give everything. If Aries has a partner whom he admires and who brings him peace, this can quickly lead to a long-term relationship.

In intimate life with Aries, there is no room for boredom! For him, there are no forbidden pleasures! His/her partner must be sensual, loving varied pleasures. Reason why, he prefers to separate from a less sensual partner before establishing any form of attachment.

Family & marriage

For Aries, a long single life and late marriage are the exception rather than the rule. Often, these natives of the zodiac marry very early, as soon as they meet the great love, which according to them remains eternal. Therefore, Aries is known to be jealous and possessive. The chosen one of Aries should therefore be able to withstand his fits of jealousy! On the other hand, Aries has a sense of responsibility and will do everything possible to ensure the comfort and well-being of their family.

Aries: What Kind of Parent Is It?

Although it may seem strange to you, Aries moms and dads are perfect parents. They are always ready to listen to their children, share their interests, and be present. They do not seek to subordinate children to their will. They don’t demand that their toddlers do whatever they want and support them no matter what.


Although Aries can establish contact easily, he quickly wins the sympathy of people and seems to be the soul of his company, this zodiac sign has very few friends, but real ones on whom he can count. Generally, people who enter the circle of Aries are those who have proven themselves in friendship and have passed the test.


In principle, the hobbies of Aries are directly related to their abilities and character traits. Because of their creativity, they show from an early age the desire to paint, make music, dance, or theater. No matter what they choose, they are capable of succeeding. They are also influenced by a taste for risk and extreme sports, such as mountaineering, rafting, wrestling, or biathlon.


As a rule, the leadership qualities of this native of the zodiac quickly bring him to the top. If he is not a leader, he will at least be the head of a team or a department. He enjoys praise and praise from management. On the other hand, he does not tolerate criticism, because he believes that he is the best. To succeed in business and be the best, Aries must sincerely love their job, otherwise, they quickly become bored and lose interest.


The health of Aries always depends on his rhythm of life. Very busy, he does not sleep enough and his diet is not balanced. Also, such people are often a fan of hearty and tasty, but not very healthy dishes. Therefore, the natives of Aries often suffer from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. They may also suffer from nervous breakdowns due to fatigue.


Aries has the best compatibility with the other Fire signs: Sagittarius and Leo. He can also get along well with Aquarius. But with Capricorn and Virgo, it is difficult for him to find common interests.

What attracts Aries

You may not know it, but it’s very hard to get the attention of an Aries. However, it would be good to know that he is captivated by the color red! Courageous, Aries are attracted to determined people who seek to move forward and who are not afraid to take risks. They also value loyalty and fidelity. When in conflict, they dislike neutral people but admire those who take sides.

Aries Woman

The Aries Woman often has a strong character. She is determined, selfish, strong-willed, independent, and self-confident. She values ​​herself a lot and only agrees to date a man if he makes a good impression on her. In love, the Aries woman knows how to conquer the heart of her man. She needs a strong and dignified man by her side to start a family. Passionate and sexy, she likes to dominate in bed!

Aries Man

The Aries man loves power and dominance more than other zodiac signs. In relationships, he is despotic: He wants things to be as he says and as he wants! On the other hand, if he finds a woman as strong as him, he will love her and protect her. Aries remain faithful to his/her partner as long as he is satisfied with their relationship.

Aries Child

Difficulty staying focused on one thing, frequent changes of interests… For these reasons, little Aries often have trouble with studies and teachers. Stubborn, restless, and impulsive, the Aries child does not like to obey. Even without realizing it, he tries to take the leading position with his classmates. The task of baby parents born under this constellation is to guide their child in the right direction. Physical activity is particularly important for this young child from an early age.


The element of Aries is Fire. It grants him the vital impetus to dominate and conquer. Brilliant and strong-willed, fire signs are known for their courage and self-confidence, especially when things go wrong. They are full of optimism and courage to face any situation.


The planet of the Aries zodiac sign is Mars. It exerts an influence on the ambitions and aspirations of Aries so that he always remains at the heart of the action!


For Aries, 9 is a lucky number par excellence. The native under this constellation can also count on the support of the different multiples of 9 to bring him luck (18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72, 81, 90).


Red is the favorite color of those born under the sign of Aries. This dynamic color represents the energy and optimism of the Fire sign. Just like Aries, this color symbolizes strength, courage, passion, activity, energy, optimism, and good health. If you feel depressed, red will give you the necessary energy and the desire to take action.

In addition to red, blue and purple colors can also suit Aries natives. They bring them relaxation and tranquility! Black and white are also lucky colors for this zodiac sign.


Diamond is the main stone for people of the Aries zodiac sign. It brings them dynamism, helps them to have mental and physical strength, and attracts happiness and prosperity to the house. Ruby is also a stone that suits our friend Aries. This stone develops wisdom, teaches generosity, provides positive energy, and protects against fatigue and depression. Sapphire can also serve the interests of Aries. The stone symbolizes wisdom and peace of mind.


Iron is the main metal of this zodiac sign. It brings luck and happiness to Aries. Gold is also suitable for this sign of Fire since it nourishes the energy of the representatives of this sign.


Aries trees are pine, oak, spruce, alder, and linden. This Fire sign needs prolific trees that characterize it.


Aries always like to be the center of attention. The flowers of the representatives of this constellation should be chosen carefully and similar to their nature: bright, extravagant, and eye-catching. Royal roses, gerberas, sunny gladioli, romantic orchids, irises, and lilies are the flowers that are perfect for Aries. These Fire natives will also be delighted with the soothing tulips and lilies of the valley.


Bold, courageous, and selfless, Aries loves animals that also have character. A dog will be his most faithful companion, why not the Doberman, the Boxer, or the Shepherd?

Famous Aries

Aries like to shine and be heard. The proof? Many stars and celebrities are under the influence of this sign. Ready to conquer the world, they are determined to mark the field that fascinates them. Among the French celebrities born under the sign of Aries, we can cite the humorist Gad El Maleh, the great journalist Bernard De La Villardière, the famous actor Guillaume Canet and the French actress, model, and singer Vanessa Demouy.


What type of woman attracts the Aries man?

Aries is attracted to women who have character, who are sure of themselves, even haughty. The Aries woman must have great self-confidence and this is a quality that the Aries first admires in her partner.

Aries: which signs are not compatible with the character of this Fire sign?

Aries and Cancer may not be compatible. Aries is far from understanding the emotivity and periodic passivity of Cancer, while the latter does not always support the energy and frankness of this Fire sign. On the other hand, the relationship between Aries and Capricorn encounters certain difficulties. Aries doesn’t like being held back by Capricorn’s pragmatism and loves a sense of challenge and adventure above all else.

Does the Gemini personality suit the Aries zodiac sign?

Gemini is a playful, intelligent, and humorous air sign. He likes to play with the fire of Aries. For his part, the fiery of the zodiac communicates to Gemini his joy of living. So they can only create a beautiful union.

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