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These 4 Zodiac Signs Will Be Bitterly Disappointed In May

After a seemingly endless winter, we are all more than happy that spring has arrived. While April was turbulent, and not just in terms of weather, everyone is now hoping for a rosy May. But the new month also promises some gloomy predictions. For four zodiac signs, the coming weeks will even be marked by disappointments. We’ll tell you which zodiac signs will face significant disappointment in the foreseeable future and whether yours is one of them.


Nothing escapes the critical and analytical gaze of all Virgo-born people. But unfortunately in May, you will have to realize that you have made a serious miscalculation in a business or romantic relationship. This throws her off track mentally and emotionally.


The stars are also unfavorable for the next zodiac sign! In the next few weeks, Scorpio-born people may have a dream shattered or fail to achieve a goal. Of course, that can hurt and disappoint at first. The only important thing is to find new hope again afterward. A setback is not the end of the world, because fate always brings us back on the right path.


Anyone who is friends with the fire sign can be sure that they have found a friend for life. Because people born in Sagittarius always have an open ear for their favorite people and a strong shoulder to lean on. In May, however, her loving and caring nature is shamelessly exploited by one person – and the water sign has no choice but to terminate her friendship. Because anyone who has ever messed up with the watermark cannot hope for reconciliation.


All Taurus-born people will prove in the coming weeks that you can be disappointed not only in someone else but also in yourself. The perfectionistic earth element gets pretty out of breath, even though it is known as an organizational talent among the zodiac signs. You’ll learn the hard way that dancing at multiple weddings at once isn’t productive – but admitting that hurts and takes courage.

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